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Meet Sara

My name is Sara Rodríguez, and I was born in Madrid 27 years ago. I studied a Master’s (MSc) in Telecommunications. I have had the opportunity to deal with data from a vast variety of sources. However, I felt that gaining more profound insights in my analyses was necessary, and thus, I enrolled in the Data Science Bootcamp. I have improved my coding skills and learned some new methodologies that I am looking forward to applying over real data!

What was your favorite part of this week at Bootcamp?

Every day, we’ve been studying new machine learning algorithms. It’s incredible how much we have advanced in just a few weeks. Last week I showed Pablo, our Python teacher, a small personal project I was developing based on different libraries, some of which we have learned in class. He liked it a lot and invited me to show it to the rest of the class. I shared my work with the other Bootcampers and showed them how to deal with, until then, new functionalities. It was a super-cool experience. Thanks, Pablo, for giving me the opportunity!

What was the hardest part of this week at Bootcamp?

With only 14 days left, the end is approaching fast! We don’t even eat in the cafeteria anymore; we even work on our project during our lunch break. We are focused on our Demo Day presentations.

Bootcamp Diary VIII: Lunchtime

This week has been quite intense. We had two company presentations from Alto Analytics and Microsoft, and both were quite interesting! Furthermore, on Wednesday there was a big event at IE, BigDataOne, which an exciting talk with speakers of corporate organizations like Google! I really enjoyed it. I hope this kind of events will continue, so I can come back to IE after the Bootcamp’s finished!

Bootcamp Diary VIII Lunch and Learn

What do you like to do outside Bootcamp?

I’m a super-active person. I like to travel a lot; the more remote the destination, the better. I used to take salsa and bachata lessons twice a week, but now with the crazy Bootcamp schedule, it’s impossible. I still try to go dancing on weekends, just not to lose the rhythm!


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