¿Qué es el Campus Online de IE University?

En IE University formarás parte de dos Campus, el físico, en Madrid y Segovia, y el virtual u online. El Campus online de IE University es el espacio virtual de la enseñanza, el aprendizaje, la investigación y el punto de encuentro de toda la comunidad universitaria.

¿Cómo es el Campus Online?

Each professor and student has their own personalized page on the Online Campus with a series of tools and resources aimed at

  • Online academic training
  • Monitoring your undergraduate or postgraduate studies
  • Academic resources for personal research
  • Contact with the Student Office for non-academic queries

What is online education and training like?

Each subject included in the undergraduate or postgraduate programs has a site on the Online Campus, whether or not they include online sessions. These individual sites contain:

Communications from your professors:

  • Announcements
  • Assignments, reading material and recommendations made by the professor.
  • Revision of lectures, extra information, points which the professor wants to emphasize, etc.

A professor can post these announcements for the whole class, a group of students, or one particular student. 

Profiles of your professors and access to your academic, professional or personal academic websites.

Course content with a detailed description of objectives, as well as the main topics included in the program, the number of sessions, assessment criteria, and both the recommended and compulsory reference material.

Supporting documents. You will have access to technical notes, articles, papers, and case studies, as well as links which are relevant to the particular course.

Access to a video conference platform. This tool is normally used for courses which have an online component. Online training at IE University is implemented through a wide range of formats: presentations, exhibitions, voting sessions, role-playing, real-time debates, etc.

These online activities normally take place live: all the students and the professor (or perhaps an invited guest speaker) go online at the same time, creating lively class participation.  

On many occasions, this system allows access to more complex material than is available in the classroom. The professor has a virtual whiteboard where you can comment or debate on a text (via chats) with the rest of the students.

Access to discussion forums for onsite and online subjects. The professor can open discussion forums on one or various topics, with the whole class, in groups, etc. They can be debates between students with the professor acting as moderator or with the professors themselves.

The most common procedure is to set a date for students to access the forum and then allow a minimum of three days for participation. This gives the students the flexibility to participate at a convenient time, as well as giving them time to prepare their contributions properly. This increases the quality of the debate whilst permitting the collective study of one particular subject.

Three days of online discussion are equivalent to a 90-minute onsite session. 

None of the courses which have an online component are taught using only one format. The professor uses various methods to broaden the approach and adapt the course to the needs of the class or student. 

Internal e-mail communication with classmates, groups or professors. The Online Campus thus facilitates a more secure and reliable form of interaction for academic topics whilst allowing direct access for each student to the university as a whole. 

A delivery box where students can send their academic assignments, projects, or papers to the professor.

Following up your undergraduate or postgraduate program on the Online Campus

You will find a series of tools on your homepage which will help you follow up your course, in addition to the resources assigned to each course: 

  • Diary:  Organized by day and week, and by different subjects. This will allow you to keep your schedule up to date and plan your classes and periods of study.
  • Announcements and Content: Here you will find notices and documents for each particular subject which have been recently posted by the professors, by the academic directors of each undergraduate or postgraduate program, or by your classmates from their group work area. 

This section can be organized by date, subject or type of content. Announcements related to schedules and classrooms are always highlighted.

You will also be able to access your academic records and grades from the homepage, as well as the surveys conducted at IE University for each subject – as part of our commitment to quality and innovation. 

The homepage can also be personalized with a series of tools and applications including a notepad, browser settings, calculator, dictionaries, bookmarks, and media such as the New York Times and Time magazine, notes, recent podcasts, traveling tips, the weather, etc.

What other academic resources are included on the Online Campus?

Another permanent resource available on the Online Campus is IE Publishing, an online site for students to find books, studios, doctoral theses and academic reports from IE Publishing’s authors. IE Publishing has also signed co-publishing agreements with some of the world’s biggest publishing houses.

How can I contact the Student Office through the Online Campus?

All the information aimed at helping students get settled at IE University and making their time pleasant is posted on the Student Office website. The Student Office provides information about visas, living in Segovia and a range other of services.

Students will also find information about extracurricular activities, a list of IE University clubs, discussion forums on activities, and a suggestions box.

There is also a site for the Language Studies Center, which includes information about the language resources available at IE University.

How can I access the Online Campus?

Whilst registered as an IE University student, you will be able to access the Online Campus through the username and password you will be given when enrolling.

IE University students can access the Online Campus via the internet, which means you can connect from anywhere in the world.

Is the Online Campus something extra at IE University?

No. It is part of the essential IE University EXPERIENCE and the cornerstone of its flexible, holistic teaching methods.

Is the Online Campus the same as distance learning?

No. The Online Campus and IE University’s online teaching methods are completely different from the traditional distance learning concept.

  • IE University’s online method does not replace anything. It is an essential part the teaching method.
  • IE University’s online training is combined with other onsite teaching methods, which ensure a unique, hands-on, flexible and global learning experience. IE University’s online method allows students to receive an education adapted to their distinctive profiles. 

What is the aim of IE University’s online method? What function does the Online Campus fulfill? Is it just another IE University service?

IE University’s online method enables professors to tailor their subjects more flexibly to:

  • Student needs: Content and formats can be adapted to cater for the specific strengths and needs of each student, group or class.
  • Student time: It allows students to use their time more flexibly and efficiently. It gives you more opportunities to explore, study and take part in academic activities relevant to your training, such as exchanges with other universities and professional internships.

IE University’s online method enables you to adapt your work and study pace more efficiently.

  • You will have more time to gain knowledge of the subjects, and interact with other students in your class and your professor.
  • You will be able to revise and deepen your knowledge of subjects which have already been taught or are available.
  • You will be able to adapt your personal study and internship schedules.

IE University’s online method widens the scope of IE University’s undergraduate and postgraduate programs because

  • It promotes student mobility thereby giving you more options to shape your international profile.
  • It enables a more in-depth and richer methodological approach to many subjects which cannot be studied in the classroom.

IE University’s online method permits student-teacher interaction in an innovative environment in which new technologies are constantly used, thereby adding the habit of using cutting edge technology in the development of their own projects to the students’ academic, personal and professional profile.

The Online Campus is not a service, or a platform, but a new approach to a particular way of understanding higher education through technology.

Does the Online Campus change over time? Does it always have the same tools and resources?

IE University has a department which deals specifically with creating innovative methods using technology, and a continuous improvement and incorporation of cutting-edge approaches to teaching.

Is IE University renowned for its Online Campus and online teaching?

Both IE University and IE Business School are renowned as leading institutions in the application of technology in higher education. IE Business School has been using this method for over a decade.

In which other fields is IE University renowned, apart from online teaching through the Online Campus?

IE University has an e-learning department which develops multimedia materialsinteractive graphics, audio animations, simulations, dynamic exercises, etc. – which help students to understand the concepts of the various subjects studied in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

This material is available to the general public on www.ie.edu and covers all the disciplines and fields of knowledge taught at IE University.

It features the Multimedia Resources for Business Cases, a much more rewarding and insightful way of understanding a case study, and the Communication and Architecture resources. Some of these multimedia units have received international awards.

Another area of technological innovation in teaching and university life is our Media Campus, a comprehensive hub of videos, photos and podcasts ranging from the strictly academic (materials provided by international academics and professionals from every field) to everyday life at IE University and on the Madrid and Segovia campuses.

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Ania Garcia

Ania Garcia

Como somos muy pocos, nos llevamos muy bien......
cerrar Ania Garcia

Ania Garcia

Como somos muy pocos, nos llevamos muy bien, y estamos todos en la misma situación, lejos de la familia, nos unimos mucho y es muy divertido.

Nacho Maiz

Nacho Maiz

He elegido IE University para estudiar... ...
cerrar Nacho Maiz

Nacho Maiz

He elegido IE University para estudiar comunicación porque tiene un buen programa de Business y esto me interesa mucho: estudiar Comunicación y poder, a la vez, tener la visión empresarial de las cosas, cómo funcionan las empresas y cómo evoluciona el mundo de los negocios.

Coral Pereda

Coral Pereda

El trabajo en equipo es muy importante......
cerrar Coral Pereda

Coral Pereda

El trabajo en equipo es muy importante en IE, y así preparamos proyectos semanales y presentaciones en grupo. Los profesores están siempre dispuestos a ayudarnos y son muy accesibles tanto en persona como por e-mail.

Martina Vera

Martina Vera

Mis profesores son estupendos......
cerrar Martina Vera

Martina Vera

Mis profesores son estupendos. Tienen diferentes áreas de especialización, están siempre enseñándome algo nuevo, y siempre con ganas de ayudar si les necesitas después de clase. Si ven que algo te interesa especialmente, te mandan información sin tener que pedirla. Recibes una atención personalizada que no se recibe en ningún otro sitio.