THE CHAIN OF CHANGE It’s easy to feel like you can’t personally make a difference to help achieve a more sustainable planet. Don't forget: each of us is part of a much larger University community, consisting of thousands of individuals. Combine those individual efforts with the University’s institutional initiatives, and the result will be a stronger, more sustainable IE University.

The Chain of Change starts with you!

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At IE we’ve thought a lot about how tomorrow’s world will look and what kind of knowledge we must cultivate for our students to thrive in it. We are committed to fostering environmental and ethical stewardship as well as promoting increased awareness and public understanding.

We want to help people think and behave in ways that nurture a more sustainable planet: embracing global citizenship, social responsibility, climate action, the use of renewable energy and recycling, as well as fighting against biodiversity loss.

This way people can appreciate that individual actions are not isolated events but contribute to an interconnected system that determines the well-being of both humans and the planet.


We aim to mainstream sustainability into all aspects of the university. This involves rethinking the curriculum, campus operations, as well as the organizational culture. In this way, the institution itself will function as a role model.

We want to inspire people to change their habits to strengthen a behavioral change. The change starts with our people: staff, faculty, students, alumni, and the corporate world. We all want to make an impact on society and on our world.


IE University’s objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2030.


100% reduction in the purchase of bottled water in campus by the end of 2021.


Reduction by 100% of student and staff paper consumption in the institution by the end of 2020.


During 2020, we will focus on increasing our purchased renewable energy to 70%.


Reduction by 50% of single-use packaging in the campus by the end of 2020.


Objective: Increase by 50% the waste we recycle.


Increase by 60% local and healthy food options on campus.


Our goal is to ensure that all students who graduate from IE are trained as responsible leaders and are aware of their role in building a sustainable world. We aim to enhance IE’s contribution to cutting edge knowledge and innovation related to sustainability.


As a community of students, faculty, administration staff and alumni, we define ourselves through a key set of values and objectives: promoting businesses that enhance progress and well-being, supporting diversity and global understanding, encouraging sustainable development, preserving natural resources, and recognizing that people are the main asset of any community, including businesses and organizations.

IE University, through its educational and training activities, has created alliances with national and international companies that help by contributing to the creation of Centers and Chairs where different research, development, and improvement activities for society are carried out.

Students are integral to advancing sustainability at IE and clubs are instrumental to the IE student experience. Among the many clubs on campus, there are several dynamic groups that allow students to participate in community engagement activities, host awareness events, and provide peer education and outreach about local and global issues of concern related to sustainability. To have an even greater impact on campus at IE and beyond, these clubs have each taken on a specific focus for 2020, related to this year’s goal of responsible consumption: water, paper, energy, plastic, fashion or food.