SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY, Embrace the best mode of transportation

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At IE University we’ve thought a lot about how tomorrow’s world will look and what kind of knowledge we must cultivate for our students to thrive in it. We are committed to fostering environmental and ethical stewardship as well as promoting increased awareness and public understanding.

We want to help people think and behave in ways that nurture a more sustainable planet: embracing global citizenship, social responsibility, climate action, the use of renewable energy and recycling, as well as fighting against biodiversity loss.

This way people can appreciate that individual efforts are not isolated events but contribute to an interconnected system that determines the well-being of both humans and the planet.

2021 CHALLENGE: COMMUNITY BUILDING – We continue our commitment to sustainability from a different perspective this year. We will highlight the social impact the IE University community makes, fostering cohesion and resilience to be adaptable to whatever the future may hold. We need each of you to believe in the great power of your actions. What you do is a reflection of who we are.

The Chain of Change starts with you!


Our goal is to ensure that all students who graduate from IE are trained as responsible leaders and are aware of their role in building a sustainable world. We aim to enhance IE’s contribution to cutting edge knowledge and innovation related to sustainability.