Our Bachelor in Biology is designed to train experts in the fields of Conservation,  Environmental Management and Biotechnology. It will equip you to contribute, from the vantage point of your profession, to curtailing the negative impact of human activity on the planet, and to improve the quality of human life while ensuring the sustainability and balance of the environment.


Management focused


We focus on training biologists who are experts in Project Management. In addition to developing your expertise in all areas of Biology, this program will equip you with the leadership skills to work in and manage teams, research centers and companies, providing and implementing effective and efficient solutions.


Biology for today


The program addresses present-day challenges that revolve around three main issues:


  • Conservation: responsible use of natural resources. Through subjects such as Animal Biodiveristy, Plant Biodiversity, Ecology and World Habitats you will analyze the theoretical and practical perspectives of Nature Conservation


  • Sustainability: meeting the growing needs of  society while preserving and protecting the environment. The study of subjects relating to Bioenergy and Information Technologies for Sustainability draws you into the world of biofuels, natural resource monitoring, and sustainable business


  • Quality of Life: innovation in health and nutrition. In subjects such as Microbiology, Quality Management of Biological Products, Biotechnology and Food Analysis you will delve into issues related to improving the quality of health and nutrition


 A practice approach


We complement your academic training with field studies and internships in collaboration with national and international agencies, institutions and enterprises in the Environmental and Biotechnology areas. This experience will give you exposure and practical training in management and in carrying out research projects.

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