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The Bachelor in Psychology has a clear focus on organizational psychology and provides the training to understand and manage social behavior in an organizational setting, backed by IE Business School´s expertise in management and leadership. It is aimed at those who want to become experts in human behavior, develop the skills to research, analyze, and think critically, and apply this expertise as leaders in organizations. Students will discover the connections between strategic management and productivity, and be able to enhance the performance of people, companies or organizations in a variety of international settings.


Teaching language: English

Campus: Segovia

Bachelor in Psychology

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A unique program

The Bachelor in Psychology surpasses the boundaries of conventional programs. The three Concentration Diplomas in Positive Psychology, Consumer Insights and Organizational Behavior place you in the realm of leadership and bring innovation to Psychology by critically analyzing the study of social behavior in various settings.

A practice-based approach

IE has been ranked 10th worldwide for innovation in technologies and teaching. This program delivers an innovative and practical approach that that prepares you to meet the professional challenges you will face in the real world.

Close ties to IE Business School

IE is recognized in Europe and worldwide for its entrepreneurial spirit and its expertise in business education. This program is backed by IE Business School´s expertise in management and leadership. The skills you will gain are essential when facing today’s demanding labor market.

Extensive professional experience

Real world experience is essential within today’s competitive job market and through our fantastic internship program, we ensure that you gain the professional skills that will take your studies one step further.

An international outlook

You will study with a truly diverse community and be immersed in a learning environment and program that gives you an international outlook and global vision. You will study with a truly diverse community and be able to take advantage of study abroad opportunities

Highly demanded by top employers

Employers of leading firms worldwide have ranked IE University as one of the top universities where they want to recruit in the future. Our students begin receiving job offers before they graduate.

A solid network

Interactions with professors and peers from around the world will build your global professional network.

Personalize your studies with your advisor

Customize your study path in order to reach your career goals, with the guidance of an advisor who is your mentor and helps you integrate all the elements of your program in order to build a strong professional profile.

An outstanding faculty, accessible to you

During the program you have daily contact and feedback with your professors. With small class sizes you receive face-to- face time with your professors on a more regular basis than at other universities.

A fully accredited degree

The Bachelor in Psychology is fully compliant with the Bologna Process and accredited by the Spanish government and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).


The four defining characteristics of the Bachelor in Psychology are:

Psychology in practice  

Putting theory into practice is an essential part of this hands-on program. Each year you have the opportunity to carry out voluntary internships and work in the IE Labs on research and consulting projects.  During these projects you will observe companies and organizations as an insider, learn to analyze strategies and work effectively with people.

Become a critical thinker

In the laboratory, in class, and beyond the classroom, this Psychology degree is about learning to think critically and analytically. You will be involved in workshops, research, projects and internships that will allow you to extend and apply what you learn in class to the real world.

Manage change in people and organizations

Managing transitions at any level, in organizations or with individuals, is at the forefront of the practice of Psychology today. You will learn the strategies, processes and leadership skills needed to identify and achieve desired outcomes and work with people and companies as a facilitator of change.

Bring innovation to Psychology

Organizations are seeking better ways to manage people and improve productivity, and new approaches to understanding customers and human behavior in order to design better products and services. This program will empower you to push beyond the status quo and develop original strategies and innovative solutions in organizational settings.


An international campus in Segovia
The Bachelor in Psychology is offered at our Segovia campus. 
The IE University Segovia campus is housed in a historic building, the Convent of Santa Cruz la Real, declared a national heritage site in 1931, and offers a true campus experience. Segovia is located only 25 minutes from Madrid by high-speed train, and welcomes students from over 100 countries to a global university setting, characterized by its academic and lively atmosphere.

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04/09/2015. Madrid (ESPAÑA)

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04/09/2015. Madrid (ESPAÑA)

Jornada de Puertas Abiertas

05/09/2015. Segovia (ESPAÑA)

Jornada de Puertas Abiertas

05/09/2015. Segovia (ESPAÑA)

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10/09/2015. Madrid (ESPAÑA)

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Opiniones de estudiantes

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Maria Gabriela Cardoza

Maria Gabriela Cardoza

cerrar Maria Gabriela Cardoza

Maria Gabriela Cardoza

People here are so friendly. I was a bit nervous at first, as I am experiencing new cultures and meeting people from everywhere around the world. You definitely learn both how to find things in common and things you can learn from each other.