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The Bachelor in International Relations is a hands-on, practical and comprehensive program that prepares students for a career in the international public and private sectors, guaranteed by the expertise and know-how of IE School of International Relations, a member of the exclusive Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA). Our unique international environment and outlook shapes global citizens, able to adapt to diversity and engage in complex economic, political and social dynamics that go beyond borders and cultures.

Teaching language: English

Campus: Madrid or Segovia

  Segovia Madrid
English Option 1 First 2 years Last 2 years
English Option 2 - 4 years

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IE knows international Business

IE is in the top world rankings for expertise in business, the ideal complement for your international relations studies and enables you to manage in the global arena.

Build professional skills

The program delivers a practical approach through IR Labs and internships that prepares you to meet the professional challenges you will face in the real world.

An outstanding faculty, accessible to you

Not many top programs offers students daily contact and feedback with their professors. With small class sizes you receive face-to-face time with your professors on a regular basis.

Career opportunities in the public and private sectors

Professional opportunities are increasingly linked to a more complex and interconnected world. IR students develop highly sought after skills by both the private and public sectors.

Become a global citizen

You will study with a truly diverse community, learn an additional language, and be immersed in an environment that gives you an international outlook and global vision.

A member of APSIA – the best international relations schools in the world                                                         

This program is guaranteed by the expertise and know-how of IE School of International Relations, a member of the exclusive Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA).

Exchange opportunities around the world

Experience new cultures and gain a wider perspective of global issues by taking advantage of the extensive study abroad options with one of our prestigious partner institutions.

Personalize your studies with your advisor

Customize your study path in order to reach your career goals, with the guidance of an advisor who is your mentor and helps you integrate all the elements of your program in order to build a strong professional profile.

Highly demanded by top employers

Employers of leading firms worldwide have ranked IE University as one of the top universities where they want to recruit in the future. Our students begin receiving job offers before they graduate.

A fully accredited degree

The Bachelor in International Relations is fully compliant with the Bologna Process and accredited by the Spanish government and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).


The four defining characteristics of the Bachelor in International Relations are:

A practice-based approach  

The program employs a case study approach and seminar discussions in the IR Lab. These are semester-long courses which simulate real-life challenges and train students in critical areas such as conflict resolution, negotiation, strategy, and public speaking. Students also have the opportunity to participate in selective internship placements in a variety of institutions.

Think critically, bring solutions

International Relations is as much about thinking critically and understanding complexity as it is developing strong influence and negotiation skills. Essential for professionals in this field is the ability to work and think in complex, interconnected scenarios and bring solutions. You will be required to apply analytical & reasoning abilities together with the art of persuasion and diplomacy to address real-world issues.

A multi-disciplinary program

Our multi-disciplinary approach specifically trains students to understand complexity. The program takes a comprehensive look at International Relations as a global discipline, drawing on many fields such as political science, economics, law, and the role of multilateral organizations, states and the corporate world in shifting the international order.

Management in the global arena

You will acquire key skills sought after by companies needing professionals with a solid understanding of global affairs, as well as the ability to work in corporate settings. Students benefit from IE's world-ranked experience in management and business. These subjects are fundamental to your training in order to be a decision-maker and manage projects and policies at the highest levels.



Our Campuses - Two Unique Locations
Students may choose to study the first two years of the Bachelor in International Relations in Segovia and the final two years in Madrid, or study the entire degree in Madrid. Gain an international outlook and global connections by studying with peers and faculty from around the world who bring a diversity of perspectives and experiences.
Our Segovia campus
The IE University Segovia campus is housed in a historic building, the Convent of Santa Cruz la Real, declared a national heritage site in 1931, and offers a true campus experience. Segovia is located only 25 minutes from Madrid by high-speed train, and welcomes students from over 100 countries to a global university setting, characterized by its academic and lively atmosphere.
Our Madrid campus
The IE University campus is located in the center of Madrid, one of the leading financial capitals in Europe, in one of its most representative districts. Our students benefit from a global atmosphere, top-tier networking opportunities and facilities equipped with the latest technologies – all of this shared with the prestigious top-ranked IE Business School and its multiple buildings.


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