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Arturo Yamagoshi

Alumni Story

Arturo Yamagoshi studied both Business Administration and Accounting at Universidad del Pacifico in Lima, Peru. Back in January 2018, he became part of the IE Community by enrolling in the Dual Degree IMBA and Master in Customer Experience and Innovation programs. His professional career began in FMCG & Retail companies where he was working as a Financial Business Partner for commercial and marketing departments. As he continued, he ended up in Marketing and CX as a Product Manager for Credit Cards and Payments focused on developing the value proposition of credit cards and digital experiences for clients.

During his time in Madrid, he had an amazing experience in both masters, as he was the ChIEf of his section in the IMBA (J2), President of the Peruvian Club, and Dual Degree Rep on the Student Leadership Team (SLT) and later the interim Vice-President. Besides, making the most out of interacting with his peers in the different sections/masters where the multicultural point of view was very valuable, he was also really involved with the overall IE Community (students, faculty, Campus Life, other Departments) by creating events that connected different students at IE.

Product Manager at Interbank in Lima



Program studied

IMBA + MCXI 2019

Current Location

Lima, Peru


Define your experience in the Dual Degree IMBA + MCXI in one word.

In what ways do you think the program changed your life professionally and personally?
On one hand, the IMBA gave me the opportunity to learn from people with different backgrounds and cultures that have different ways of thinking. Not only from classes, but also from the different networking events hosted by IE. On the other hand, the MCXI in HST provided me with a skill set that are most useful for my day-to-day at work (for example: human centered design, agile, to name a few). My experience in both programs was enriching personally because I was able to network with different people in the IE Community, where I lead clubs or organizations gaining many soft skills that are useful in my professional life. More importantly, I made many friends from all over the world that I know will be lifelong.

What was your favorite memory from your experience?
I cannot choose one favorite memory from my experience at IE, nevertheless most of my most memorable moments were those from my involvement with different clubs and organizations. I remember the time I was chosen to be one of the presenters at Venture Day (an iconic event at IE for Start-ups), the Global Village with the IE Peru Club where I was able to share our Peruvian cuisine and main dances, many networking events in my IMBA Section (J2), and, last but not least, the many events organized by SLT to connect students across all of the IE Schools.

Why did you choose to study this program at IE?
At first, I was looking for a one-year MBA program in Europe, later when I realized IE offered the MCXI, which was the only program combining both CX and Innovation in the world, the decision to apply to IE was definite. Therefore, I decided to enrol in the Dual Degree program (18 months) after considering all the online reviews and recommendations from coworkers in Lima that attended IE for the IMBA, many of which I continue to work with currently.

What were some of the main challenges that you encountered on your way? How did your master program and IE help you through these challenges?
One of the main challenges was being part of the first SLT team, our role was to connect and provide the best experience for students across all IE Schools. As the Dual Degree Rep and later as the VP, I needed to find ways to share our experiences to the new dual degree students joining the IMBA or the MIM before they started their second degrees. Having connections at both schools provided me with the right tools to host networking events for other students, where we were able to share our thoughts and experiences. For example, in HST, I was able to help other students by connecting them to other organizations that I was involved with during my time in the IMBA (Clubs, Campus Life, faculty, etc.).

What is networking like in Dual Degree IMBA + MCXI?
Networking at IE particularly in the IMBA was great (we had almost all nationalities). There were lots of events that fostered networking not only with your peers within the same section, but also the opportunity to meet other sections and intakes through the many events that IE hosted in and outside (like the Club Fairs). During my time at HST, I also found that networking was more valuable because I had the opportunity to connect with other schools in which I shared different experiences or ideas for new business opportunities.