Historias de Alumni

Alessandro Donato

Associate Consultant at Bain & Company
“IE offers a very practical approach and gives students the possibility to understand, from the first day, how to approach the job market and what are the most relevant skills to succeed in different sectors.”
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“Set all differences aside, and let the world live as one.”
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Carlota, Spain

“If you enjoy your profession and work hard, there’s no doubt that you wll become a great lawyer.”
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Daniel, South Africa

"Shifting my mindset from the traditional way of doing things in legal practice to actively seeking out improvements and opportunities by using technology in law. There is such a lot out there that is new and exciting in legal tech, and we are still very much at the bottom of the curve. A world of opportunity awaits if we are willing to grasp it."
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Jennifer Lizbeth, Perú

Founder at OVA (Office of Versatile Architecture) in Lima
"I have grown a lot as a person through my MBArch experience, and I now have “the little bug of innovation and entrepreneurship” in my veins."
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Juan Gómez-Lechón Pechuán

Market Development Representative (Southern Europe) at DocuSign
"IE University provides its students with the ambition to become future leaders."
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Madhumita, Spain

Co-founder of the Vidhi Fundacion
3D Printing Ventilators.
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Co-Founder and Leader of Architecture Projects at IArchitects
"Studying the the Master in Business for Architecture and Design at IE has opened my eyes to a new way of approaching my vocation. The program has aided me in becoming more organized and a better professional!"
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Andrew Kline, Glaxton Robinson and David McGilchrist, Spain

Founders of Cybee
Teaching children safe behaviour online.
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Ross, France

"The Master gave me the resources to develop a very far-reaching and creative vision for my next steps—something that is almost impossible to do when you have not stepped back from the minutiae of day to day working life."
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Marta Passarinho Oliveira

Sales Development Consultant, Start-ups & SMBs – Iberia Market at Salesforce
"It’s crazy how naturally IE alumni gravitate towards each other and have this inherent sense of belonging. This makes you create deep connections extremely quickly."
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Manuel Moreno

Digital Strategy Consultant at Google
"Attending IEU is a fantastic opportunity, the university provides a diverse education that allows you to pursue your interests and passions."
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Lynn Bergholm

Digital Growth Consultant at Google
"Studying at IE gave me the confidence to apply to some of the world’s most innovative companies."
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Sherif Aoun

Strategic Partner Manager, Mobile Apps at Google
"IE isn’t just a university like any other where you would just take a class in a massive auditorium and leave, it’s a family that you will keep being a part of even after graduation!"
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Coral Taylor

Global Sales Associate in the Business Leadership Program at LinkedIn
"There truly is a power in networking. Go to every possible event or opportunity IE gives you. You never know the person you might meet, idea you might think of, or the concept you might learn."
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Sergio, México

"MRED allowed me to meet incredible people and learn every single day from them, culturally, academically, and professionally. Today, I feel like a much more prepared professional with a lot more thirst for challenges."
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Marina Carretero

Digital Manager at Arup
"Doing my bachelor degree at IE School of Architecture and Design meant that once I finished I already had some work experience with my internships done, and that helped a lot when looking for the first real job."
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Maxime, Italy and France

Team Leader at Action Contre la Faim
“I believe that being in diverse settings is crucial to personal development, so I relished the opportunity to immerse myself in the international environment here at IE.”
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Carlos, Spain

Innovation Director at INIT
Helping the workplace post-covid 19.
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Johanna, Sweden

COO of Panion
Improving social integration by connecting people.
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