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South Summit Madrid 2024
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Global Online MBA: #1 in Financial Times 2024
The magic of studying in Madrid | IE University
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As a leading higher-education institution, we’ve thought a lot about how tomorrow’s world will look and what kind of knowledge we must cultivate for our students to thrive in it. We are committed to fostering environmental and ethical stewardship as well as promoting increased awareness and public understanding.


At IE University, we specialize in training future-forward leaders with a global vision, entrepreneurial mindset, and human-centered approach to driving innovation. By pushing the boundaries of higher education, our extensive global network of students and professors—further empowered by top institutional partnerships—are able to make a lasting impact in their field. Discover our diverse range of programs aimed at every different stage of the learning journey.

Admission process at IE University

Our rigorous admissions process is focused on identifying the best aspects of each individual’s personal, academic, and professional journey while ensuring diverse and unique students join our community. Learn more about admissions at IE University, including who can apply and how we can assist and support you at each stage of the process.


Discover the requirements you must meet to apply, the documentation you’ll have to submit, and the general timeline of the application process.

Georgine Roesle | IE Business School

Financial aid

We offer a wide range of financial aid options, from awards to scholarships, flexible payment plans, and attractive financing options.

Student services

We're committed to making your time with us as seamless and stress-free as possible, so you can focus on studying and enjoying the IE experience.


We organize over 1,500 events per year, from conferences to master classes, networking, and so much more.

University in Madrid and Segovia

IE University has immersive on-site locations in two cities: fast-paced, cosmopolitan Madrid and the charming historic city of Segovia. Discover everything that each has to offer.



There’s never a dull moment in the bustling capital of Spain. Get a feel for what student life is like at our fast-paced Madrid campus.



In Segovia, you’ll be enchanted by its winding cobblestone streets, breathtaking medieval castle, and grandiose historical sites. Dive in!


Success isn’t one size fits all. Discover the unique academic and professional journeys behind our impressive community members.

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