Historias de Alumni

Theo, United Kingdom

Co-Founder of Cov360
Providing cross-disciplinary dialogue.
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Alberto, Spain

General Director at Mahou San Miguel
Donations to the hospitality industry.
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Cammy, United States

Owner at Revive Consulting+ and Chief Strategy Officer at Integrated Equity Management
"One of the reasons why I chose IE is because I believe that there is a different way to do business and there’s a different way to live life."
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Natalia, Spain

Senior Expert on Innovation and Digital Transformation at United Nations World Tourism Organization
Saving Tourism.
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Javier, Spain

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at Rovi
Helping to find the cure.
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Clemente, Spain

CEO at Incarlopsa
No person left unfed.
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Hugo, Spain

Co-fundador de Grosso Napoletano
Feeding Heroes.
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João, Portugal

CEO at Ubbu
Free access to programing app for kids.
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David, United States

Founder of Regroup
Virtualizing Mental Health Care for Communities in Need.
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Mathias, France

Co-founder of the Vidhi Fundacion
3D Printing Ventilators.
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Marco, United States

Co-founder, Partner and EVP at Loud And Live
Bringing the world together through fitness.
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Robin, Spain

Founder of Stemlabs and Infrolabs
3D Printing Ventilators.
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Jeremy, United Kingdom

Director of Development at The Global Health Network
Building Sustainable Research Teams.
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Marina, Italy

Platform connecting people to help.
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Daniel, Portugal

Chief Business Developer at Biosurfit
COVID-19 Rapid testing packages.
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Gustavo Fernández-Mazarambroz & Fernando Fernandez de Córdoba Pascual, Spain

A Platform for Outstanding Citizens.
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David, Spain

CEO at DepenCare
Helping the Elderly.
David Gonzales Prieto, DepenCare CEO, launched initiatives to help the elderly/dependents in Spain cope during the current situation by offering discounts and free consultations on dependency and orthopaedic products.
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Javier, China

SVP of Saint-Gobain and CEO of Asia Pacific
Helping China and the world.
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Meinrad, Spain

Donating Connectivity and Safety.
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Bernhard, United Kingdom

CEO & Co-founder of Busuu
Keep kids learning.
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