Financial Decision Making for Managers

24 Oct - 30 Nov 2018 (Registration full)
06 Feb - 15 Mar 2019 (Registration full)
08 May - 14 Jun 2019 (Available spaces)
6 hours on average per week
5 weeks
Tuition Fees
€ 2.050


Financial Decision-Making for Managers offers students the opportunity to acquire the financial knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today’s fast-paced business environment.

The course takes on a very practical approach to understanding and applying fundamental learning objectives to your business or company. Throughout the program, you will see real-life examples of challenges that enterprises both big and small face and how they can be tackled, and acquire the skills and confidence needed to feel empowered to make and convey financial decisions.


  • Assess financial statements such as balance sheets and P&L (Profit & Loss) statements.
  • Conduct maturity matching to identify operating drivers that can be used to generate value in a business model.
  • Analyze a company’s financial lifecycle by making connections between the P&L statement, balance sheet, ROE (Return on Equity) and its drivers.
  • Assess a company’s ROE and debt position and identify where those results came from.
  • Draft pro-formas and use forecasting to make decisions while considering a longer time horizon.
  • Make a plan of action according to a company’s excess of cash or lack of funds.
  • Perform an investment analysis of a corporation according to their financial situation.
  • Add value to the way their company finances itself.


Early Enrollment

At IE, we want to encourage you to take the next step in your career. For this reason, we offer you the chance to access the program’s Early Registration Process. Students enrolled before April 3rd 2019 will receive a scholarship with 25% off the full tuition cost. Those enrolled between April 4th and April 17th will receive a 15% scholarship.
Neither scholarship is compatible with other deductions.

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As an IE alumni you are part of our community, and we want to support your passion for Lifelong Learning. Therefore, all IE alumni receive 25%* off tuition fees for all Executive Education programs.
*Alumni from Intensive Programs (less than a week duration), Summer Schools or High Impact Online Programs will receive 15% off.
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At IE, we are committed to encouraging companies to enroll teams of their employees. We believe this allows them to explore new perspectives together and speak a shared language of change. Companies that sign a Corporate Agreement are eligible for a 15% off the tuition fee for Executive Education programs. An additional concession may also be available for a Corporate Partner Agreement.
Neither scholarship is compatible with other deductions.

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