Law Firm Transformation: a practical aproach to the methodology that will transform your organization - Faculty

Challenges of digitization and leadership in the transformation of legal firms.

Academic Director

  • Fernando Peláez - Pier

    Academic Director

    Academic Director Pioneer in the global projection of law with extensive experience in law firm management. He is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable lawyers in the Latin American legal market. In 2013, he founded F. Peláez Consulting and provides consulting services in legal firm management. He is a founding partner of Hoet Peláez Castillo Duque in Caracas, Venezuela, and has been the founder and president of the Forum for Latin America of the International Bar Association (IBA), and a board member and president of Lex Mundi.

Program coordination

  • Ana Alonso

    Coordinator of Law firm transformation Program, IE Business School

    Twenty years of the professional technology sector. Passion for digital transformation, disruption and leadership. Advanced understanding of the technology business and expert in building strategies to support growth. With extensive experience in sales and customer service, it generates long-term loyalty and relationships with customers and partners.


Mr. Daniel Linna – Director, Law and Technology Initiatives and Senior Lecturer, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law.

Mr. Raúl Rubio – Partner, Director of Information Technology & Communications Area, Baker Mckenzie.

Mr. José Casado – Chief Strategist Transformation of Nokia.

Miss. Elena García Mascaraque – Director of Marketing and Strategy at Fashionalia and Professor at The Valley Digital Business School.

Mr. Robert Millard – Director of Cambridge Strategy Group.