Lawyers’ Management Program - Admissions & Financial Aid

Admission Process

Our admissions process consists of:

STEP 1: Online application form
Go to, fill in the online application form and attach the necessary documents.

STEP 2: Personal interview
You will have a personal interview with a member of our admissions team, either in person or via Skype.

STEP 3: Interview with the Director
You will have an interview with the Academic Director to get an idea of the program’s content and objectives.

STEP 4: Final decision of the Admissions Committee
Once the interviews have been carried out, your candidacy will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee and you will be informed of its decision.

Fees and Tuition

The price of the program is $5.800.

Law firms and companies interested in registering several lawyers will have special prices.

Former students of IE University master programs will receive a 25% deduction.

Former students of short programs will receive a 15% deduction.


Our Financial Aid department offers a series of financing agreements, scholarships and other aid so that you can meet the cost of the program.


The IE Foundation has an exclusive scholarship fund that is made possible by generous donations from alumni, private companies and non-profit organizations.

Notable among these scholarships is the IE Women Scholarship, the objective of which is to encourage more women to reach senior management positions.

Financing Options

We support IE Executive Education participants and help them navigate by offering the possibility of paying in interest-free installments.

Focus on success, not on obstacles.

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Keeping everyone safe and healthy is our number one priority, but we understand that planning for your future must continue. With this in mind, we have implemented an application process that is 100% online.

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Due to the current worldwide circumstances with Covid-19, please have a look at the most frequently asked questions we have prepared and collected for our students and candidates.