Exposing Passionate Students To The Professional World Of Investment Finance

We are a student-run endowment fund initiative offering enthusiastic students with genuine and practical experience in finance.

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The Value Behind EDEN

Real Experience

Analysts perform real work, just as any analyst on Wall Street.


Donations are invested and grown over time, to then be distributed as scholarships.


We are here to learn and commit our free time beyond academic work.


We learn from each other, and our people are the most committed, that’s it.

EDEN’s Investment Strategy


Core Portfolio



The part of EDEN that provides diversification and stability to the fund through debt and real asset investments.

The Core is passively managed through a periodic rebalancing of the different asset classes to the target allocation.


Active Portfolio





Stocks is the part of the portfolio that bears more risk as it focuses on a discretionary selection of few undervalued companies with a positive outlook in order to capture alpha and boost the whole fund returns.

Macro is a component more correlated to the general equity market that aims to creating alpha through the selection of sectors, industries and geographical indices based on macroeconomic research thanks to its quant and qualitative teams. 

Want to Join Us?

We seek ambitious, passionate and curious students that want to participate in EDEN’s growth. This fund is for you if you strive to deepen your knowledge in finance.