22 June 2020

Now Trending: Data Science and its Scientists

The internet has become a one-stop shop for the majority of consumer needs. It provides entertainment, goods and services, and more so now, a means through […]
20 May 2020
data science bootcamp - bootcamp diary

Reaching a Personal Milestone | Bootcamp Diary by Paula Kurylowicz

So, where do I begin? This was the same question I asked myself a while back when considering data science for the first time. Back then, […]
16 April 2020

Data scientist Myriam Barnés Guevara: A truly T-shaped professional

We’re nearly at the end of the Data Science Bootcamp. Over the past several weeks, we’ve had all kinds of experiences. We’ve done intense work on […]
20 January 2020

Of Data Science and Dancing | Bootcamp Diary by Nataliia Hrytsyna

It is my sixth week of my Data Science Bootcamp experience, and seven weeks have gone by since I first stepped foot in Spain and moved […]
16 January 2020

The Fanciest Job Title | Bootcamp Diary by Abdulaziz Alsultanalamri

“From the Demo Day onward, how much time should I wait before calling myself a data scientist?” I have asked this question to almost every professor […]
9 January 2020

The learning journey should never stop | Bootcamp Diary by Penelope Resulta

I had not stepped into a classroom as a student since I graduated college six years ago. After having already spent more than half my life […]
9 January 2020

Learning Data Science in a business-oriented context | Bootcamp Diary by Isaque Campinho

My name is Isaque Campinho. I’m from Portugal and I’ve spent most of my professional career in the finance field as a financial controller. A year […]
9 January 2020

The enriching world of Data Science | Bootcamp Diary by Borja Alonso Valderrey

Hi there! My name is Borja and I’m from Spain. I’m a computer engineer and I recently received my MBA from ESIC Business & Marketing School. […]
17 December 2019

Analyzing datasets from real-world companies | Bootcamp Diary by Alison Davey

As week four comes to a close, we’re well into the Data Science Bootcamp. It’s finally time to start analyzing datasets from real-world companies and put […]
13 December 2019

Data Runs the World | Bootcamp Diary by Carlotta Borner

Hello everyone, I’m Carlotta, one of the 17 bootcampers enrolled in this fall’s intake. I have an academic background in business administration and development studies, so […]
4 December 2019

From Microbiology to Programming | Bootcamp Diary by Daniel Garcia

Hello, future bootcamper! Our eighth week of bootcamp is drawing to a close, and I have some mixed feelings about this. The program’s pressure and intensity […]
4 December 2019

Deep diving into Machine Learning and Data Visualization | Bootcamp Diary by Simo Sirvio

Hello everyone! My name is Simo. I am originally from Finland but grew up in the US, in New York. For my undergraduate degree, I studied […]