17 December 2018
data science bootcamp

This bootcamp enhanced my data science tool kit and taught me different methods by Sara Lopes da Silva

Data per se is not a competitive advantage until we have the data analysis capabilities and data transformation processes in place to transpose raw data into […]
17 December 2018
machine learning

Machine Learning has become the field I want to excel at by Quentin Bracq

Hello I am Quentin from France and for the past 8 years I have accumulated experiences in selling technical solutions to companies in diverse industries: Telecommunication, […]
14 December 2018

Machine Learning is changing the problem-solving dynamics of the Hospitality Industry by Fernando Acevedo

My name is Fernando Acevedo and I am from Madrid, Spain. My background is in Hospitality & Tourism. For the past two years I have been […]
7 December 2018
Data Science _ Machine Learning

Bootcamp Diary XVII: Thousand Lines of Code in R, Python and Machine Learning by Remzi Mustafa

Hey, I am Remzi, a Romanian living and working in Kraków (Poland) and a bootcamper excited to learn about Data Science. It was the 25th of […]
5 December 2018
Data Science Bootcamp - capstone project

Bootcamp Diary XVI: Learning Data Science and Preparing a Capstone Project with Gabriela Valverde

Over the next upcoming years, the world around us will face more innovations than in the entire History. It’s big data + hardware + software, mind […]
30 November 2018
data storytelling

Data Science Bootcamp XV: Mastering Real-life Data and Data Storytelling

This week, Hussein Seblani Aabou Raya talks about his experience as a Data Science Bootcamper, discussing the challenges with real-life data and his newly-encountered excitement for […]
25 November 2018
10 Reasons for You to Come to the IE Data Science Bootcamp

10 Reasons for You to Come to the IE Data Science Bootcamp

One of our favorite quotes about Data Science is that the data scientist is the hottest job of the decade. Not only is it an in-demand […]
21 November 2018
big data bootcamp diary

Data Science Bootcamp XIV: Learning How to Fuse Big Data with Complex Algorithms with Malik Usmah Haleem

Week 7 – Journey of Learning How to Fuse Big Data with Complex Algorithms – Data Science Bootcamp XIV   “Once upon a time, computers were […]
12 November 2018
bootcamp diary beatriz

“I am amazed of the power of data to improve any kind of business” by Beatriz Casas

Maths. Stats. Python. R. Exam.  Visualization. Mean. Bias. Max. Dataset.  Correlation.  Pandas. Tidyverse. Regression. Capstone Project. Datatable. Numpy. More R. Machine Learning. More Maths. More Stats… […]
2 November 2018
machine learning

From product and ops analytics to machine learning projects by Tania Vasilikioti

Learning here is like drinking from a firehose. Hi, I’m Tania and I come from the world of operations and data analytics for online tech. After […]
1 November 2018
Machine Learning in Marketing

Machine Learning for Marketing

Machine Learning’s poised to make an impact John Koetsier mentioned what Brian Solis, Principal Analyst and futurist at Altimeter said to him as he asked experts […]
29 October 2018

Bootcamp Diary XII: Andrea Martinez

My name is Andrea, I am from Ecuador. I studied Telecommunication engineering and in some classes I was the only woman there. That was the norm […]