ICGS Conference 2023

Sustainable Corporate Governance
20-22 October 2023

The 9th annual conference of
the International Corporate Governance Society

The 9th annual conference of the International Corporate Governance Society will be held at IE University in Madrid, Spain, from Friday 20 to Sunday 22 October 2023. As this has been the case for past conferences, the 2023 conference will act as a forum for academics, policymakers, and practitioners from across the globe to share and debate the latest corporate governance research findings and best practices.

The increasingly visible consequences of climate change and the economic fallout from the pandemic and the Ukraine-Russia war have moved sustainable corporate governance to the forefront.

Sustainable corporate governance is not only about making businesses more sustainable from an environmental point of view, but it is also about ensuring that they operate in harmony with the broader economic and social system. In turn, businesses should be run in such a way to avoid future waves of corporate failures.

This would require a shift towards business models focusing on the creation of long-term rather than short-term value.

While some argue that businesses should focus on the maximisation of shareholder value and that the costs of making businesses sustainable may be prohibitive, there is an increasing consensus that the creation of long-term shareholder value is not incompatible with looking after the interests of a broader range of stakeholders.

Ultimately, the resilience to shocks and the long-term survival of a company will benefit both its shareholders and other stakeholders.

The conference will be held at IE Tower, which is located in Madrid’s financial district. IE Tower was built in accordance with the values of IE Unive rsity, which are sustainability, technology and innovation, entrepreneurship, diversity, and a focus on the humanities.

Submissions can be made between 1 March and 30 June 2023. The pre-conference paper development workshop (PDW) will be held on Friday 20 October 2023.

For more information on the call for papers for the PDW, please click here.