Make the most out of the IE Experience Campus Life is the heart of the experience at IE and a crucial part in the creation of a unique, global and fun-filled experience.

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An enriching experience beyond the classroom

Campus Life & IE Clubs helps students make the most out of the experience at IE!

Campus Life aims to transmit IE values and spirit via fostering a more engaged community that supports student initiatives and clubs by making the intagible values visible and fostering spirit and sense of community.

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The Campus Life & IE Clubs team will support you and make your experience at IE more enriching on every level.

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What is an IE Club?

The student clubs at IE are the heart of the whole IE Experience

The IE Student Clubs are the engine of the IE experience and a crucial part in the creation of a unique, global and fun-filled experience of a committed community with diverse common interests –geographic, professional, social and sports-, that maximizes the opportunities offered by the diversity of our students, faculty and staff. The IE Student Clubs are organized by the community and for the community! Don’t miss out any of the activities because it’s a great and unique opportunity to widen your network and share your experiences, hobbies and similar concerns.

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Clubs that serve as a platform to discuss and share knowledge about specific academic areas and/or professional sectors.


Clubs that manage recreational and/or competitive sports activities and serve as a platform to share your passion about sports.


Clubs that provide opportunities for networking and sharing personal interests and hobbies.


Clubs that provide opportunities to share interest in and knowledge of a particular country.

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To ensure that students transition to IE is as smooth as possible, we offer the vital resources and information to them every step of the way.

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Madrid is a vibrant capital, epicenter of the spanish culture, business and politics; the perfect setting for an academic journey,

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We ensure our students’ arrival to Spain and to IE is as relaxed and easy as possible.

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