IE University's Master in Computer Science & Business Technology has a revamped approach to meet the demand for a new type of tech professional.

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Until recently, two different profiles could be found in the technology sales market. On the one hand, there was the salesperson dedicated to the sale and negotiation of the contract. On the other, there was the technology expert who mastered all the technical aspects of the solution. However, a new, hybrid profile has emerged, combining mastery of technological aspects with business skills and knowledge. This is known as digital sales (engineering).

At IE University, with an eye always on the latest labor market trends, we’ve incorporated a new approach to our Master in Computer Science & Business Technology. Students who want to dedicate themselves to this booming and highly in-demand profession will now be able to choose from several elective courses that will prepare them to excel in the field of tech sales.

To learn more about this new professional profile, and the market situation, we spoke with José Luis Rubio Frontón, director of Solution Engineering at BMC.

José Luis is also a professor of one of the electives, focused on technical sales and tech-solution commercialization.

Exploring career opportunities in tech sales and computer science at IE University

An emerging profession

With 17 years of experience behind him, José Luis is now leading the BMC Value and Solution Engineering team’s strategic transformation programs worldwide. He has witnessed the sector’s rapid evolution and is very clear that tech transformation is imperative for organizations. To compete in today’s increasingly demanding market, companies must incorporate technology into all their processes and strategies, regardless of the products or services they offer.

However, tech solutions are increasingly complex, and adapting them to the specific needs of each business has become much more difficult. That’s why there’s a growing demand for professionals who can help clients get the most out of their investment in technology and, at the same time, sell them the software. For José Luis, the program’s new sales focus offers an undoubted differential value, since most degrees of this type tend to focus only on the most technical aspects.

Learn how to work in the real world

Exploring career opportunities in tech sales and computer science at IE University

In their chosen elective, students will learn the fundamentals and techniques of every stage of the tech sales process, from demand generation to strategic planning or funnel management.

Each of the sessions will be attended by a guest speaker, all leading professionals from different countries who will contribute their vision and experience. The classes are a unique opportunity to see how people work in different regions of the world, and to gain different perspectives that will be highly valuable when students have to work with international clients. What’s more, they’re designed to be practical and dynamic, so students can actually work on the skills they’re taught in the classroom.

With today’s high demand for holistically trained professionals, digital sales offers plentiful opportunities for professional growth for those seeking to develop their careers in this field. Even without previous experience, and starting from a junior profile, there are many opportunities for promotion. But to stand out in this sector, technical knowledge, social skills and an ability to work in different languages and cultures are essential.

From his experience in talent management, José Luis says that IE University students meet these conditions. They have solid technical and language skills, hail from very different countries and environments, and are used to working in international contexts. But they’re also highly proactive, confident public speakers, and strong in other soft skills. José Luis also highlights another imperative aspect: gender equality.

Tech companies are looking to attract female talent, and in this program, male and female participation is very balanced.

Exploring career opportunities in tech sales and computer science at IE University

For anybody thinking about studying the Master in Computer Science & Business Technology, José Luis recommends that they work hard and focus on practical opportunities to acquire as much technical knowledge as possible. He concludes by offering some advice for those starting out in this field: “Students must work to make themselves their clients’ most trusted advisor as this type of relationship can pay off in the long run.”