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IE University’s Master of Laws (LL.M.) program is designed to provide graduates with the tools they need to tackle the challenges of an increasingly global and complex legal industry. Our unique Legal Immersion Experience bridges the gap between theory and practice, ensuring students are ready for a career in their chosen field.

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At IE University, we take pride in our hands-on approach, which allows students to deepen their knowledge base by putting theory into practice. The Master of Laws (LL.M.) gives students unique ways to bring legal concepts to life with opportunities such as the Legal Immersion Experience.

As part of the Legal Immersion Experience, students analyze and develop legal strategies by working with real-world scenarios.

Exploring IE Law School’s Legal Immersion Experience

The Legal Immersion Experience sees students grapple with genuine legal scenarios, encouraging them to analyze and develop legal strategies under the guidance of experienced faculty members and industry professionals. Erika Concetta Pagano, head of Legal Innovation at Simmons & Simmons London and professor at IE Law School, underlines the benefits of the approach: “The fact that IE University has decided at such an early stage to focus on soft skills offers students the opportunity to develop a real awareness and build communication skills from the beginning, always within the context of law.”

Specialization tracks: a chance to hone your skills in your chosen area

As well as gaining a global view of legal practice, the Master of Laws (LL.M.) enables students to obtain a Postgraduate Diploma of Expert (PgDip) certification, in which they choose from one of four specializations: International Business Law, International Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property and Technology Law and International Taxation. During this specialization period, our prestigious global partner network allows students to dive into the industry alongside both magic circle, other prestigious law firms and global banks—all in leading international cities and legal hubs.

Exploring IE Law School’s Legal Immersion Experience

Students who have specialized in International Business Law will get the chance to work with one of our partners’ legal departments in order to resolve a predefined challenge.

They will also oversee a complete M&A transaction, from the structuring and negotiation process to due diligence, drafting and completion. And the best part? They get to work under the watchful eye of experts from our prestigious partners.

Most recently in London, students gained an introduction to legaltech at Allen & Overy’s prestigious tech hub Fuse, as well as an in-depth look at the day-to-day of an in-house banking lawyer with Santander. As Joao María Martins reflects, “It was a very enriching experience. We got to know the city of London and visited several institutions, law firms and banks. Plus, we met with alumni and boosted our professional networks. I would definitely recommend it.” The London trip also included a presentation on “Managing Clients,” in which students explored topics ranging from building professional relationships to presenting a pricing strategy as part of a case study for a UK business conglomerate.

The Legal Immersion Experience in International Dispute Resolution features a visit to the International Court of Arbitrations of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris.

Exploring IE Law School’s Legal Immersion Experience

Students will be able to participate in academic arbitration and mediation sessions led by the ICC and get involved in practical workshops and panel discussions with leading professionals in the field—an invaluable opportunity to boost their employability and grow their professional network.

Exploring IE Law School’s Legal Immersion Experience

In fact, on a recent trip to the French capital, students visited the Palais de Justice and attended a conference on climate litigation.

They enjoyed a presentation on “ICC Special Procedures: Emergency Arbitrator & Expedited Procedure provisions,” which included an array of interesting facts, one of which is that the majority of EPP cases (40%) are now related to the energy sector.

From theory to practice: a real-world program for future lawyers 

The IE Law School Legal Immersion Experience offers a unique and comprehensive platform for law students to enhance their studies, gain a deeper understanding of their specializations and generally prepare for successful careers in the field. Indeed, the opportunity to work alongside industry experts, collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds and engage in interactive learning experiences is sure to help students develop the confidence and resilience they will need in order to thrive in what is a highly competitive industry.