In a program that trains professionals who can navigate the fast-paced biztech world, students often apply for internships to boost their real-world experience. Clara Florindo Rabadan took this opportunity and turned it into her future career.

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We work tirelessly to keep our curriculum updated. In today’s dynamic landscape, it’s the only way to keep our students equipped with the most current knowledge to stay ahead of the curve. The Master in Computer Science & Business Technology is an effective response to emerging market needs, creating opportunities for students to specialize in their area of interest and personalize their path. Clara Florindo Rabadan recently graduated from the program, but before that, she cemented her choice to enter the world of tech sales.

We caught up with the alum to hear about her experience in the Master in Computer Science & Business Technology, including how the Master in Computer Science & Business Technology and it’s diverse course offering helped her secure her internship and current role.

A diverse background

Growing up in Brussels with Spanish parents, Clara learned to speak French, Spanish and English early on. She moved to Madrid at 18 and started pursuing her bachelor’s degree in telecommunications engineering. While she appreciated the deeply technical foundation she was able to develop in the subject, Clara knew she needed to go beyond the theoretical.

So she started her search for more holistic, practical experience—and a purpose—and it led her to IE University’s Master in Computer Science & Business Technology.

“I knew that this program would help me land the type of job I was looking for,” she says. “It was the perfect mix of technical and practical.”

How Specializing in Solution Engineering drives success in the digital age of tech sales

The journey to BMC Software

Although it is not necessary to have a tech background to excel in these subjects, Clara saw the Master in Computer Science & Business Technology as a way to better understand tech and try out new things. “The program was incredibly up-to-date. I learned to use most of the technologies that companies are using today.” Clara explains that her prior experience also simplified the learning journey. “Some things came a bit easier to me than for students who came from a business background, for example.”

Clara decided to focus her professional path on tech sales, which she sees as a bridge linking her tech expertise with her newly acquired business knowledge. “You need both technical as well as soft skills,” she states, skills which include collaboration and teamwork.

How Specializing in Solution Engineering drives success in the digital age of tech sales

“You’re playing a small part in the whole sales process. So you have to work with your colleagues, be involved and ask questions to understand what the client needs.”

With graduation day drawing closer, Clara applied to become an intern at BMC Software, a multinational information technology services and consulting company based in the US. She was offered a four-month internship, which was the start of her journey of discovery to see if this could be a good fit for a future role.

New challenges, new accomplishments

Clara’s hard work during the program and in her internship paid off—she recently secured a permanent position at BMC Software as a rapid solution engineer, with a focus on AIOps. She describes herself as “a consultant” who provides advice on how a BMC Software solution can help customers. Every day, Clara’s responsibilities require her to understand her customers’ unique needs and challenges to pinpoint a clear solution.

The Master in Computer Science & Business Technology provided Clara with the skills and techniques necessary for success in tech sales.

How Specializing in Solution Engineering drives success in the digital age of tech sales

“You need to have a deep understanding of the technical aspects, of course, as well as strong communication skills. The program really hones in on these skills, giving you the confidence to present well and express your point clearly.”

Clara also took workshops and attended conferences that provided firsthand insights into harnessing these tools across a variety of sectors. As a proponent of emerging tech, Clara thinks it’s important to understand the integration of AI and machine learning in business.

In her footsteps

As for future students looking to land an internship in their dream company, Clara suggests that they find a way to differentiate themselves. In her case, working on her French, Spanish and English proficiency helped her stand out from other applicants. “Working in sales, you need to speak the customer’s language. BMC Software is able to use me to cover more countries due to the fact that I speak three languages.”

She also encourages students to participate in as many opportunities as they can, opening themselves up to make new friends with some incredible people from around the world.