At IE Law School your success is our focus, and our team works tirelessly to provide students with opportunities to unlock their fullest potential. Our professional relationship with Pérez-Llorca, a leading law firm in Spain with a strong international presence, our Latin American Master of Laws (LL.M.) students have the chance to take part in a potentially career-changing opportunity.

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In today’s competitive legal market, hands-on experience in big-name law firms serves as students’ differentiating factor. The opportunity to put the skills they learn in the classroom to practice firsthand allows our students to truly see the hustle required in the legal world and later stand out from the rest. Our Master of Laws (LL.M.) uses a comparative methodology, preparing young professionals to practice law in a variety of international settings.

As part of our unique Master of Laws (LL.M.) program, we open the door to countless opportunities for students to make connections, discover their passions and land their dream roles. One such opportunity is rooted in our partnership with the Spanish law firm Pérez-Llorca. One of the most well-known firms in Spain, Pérez-Llorca is a benchmark in the legal world. With offices in Madrid, Barcelona, London and New York, the firm also carries an international reputation. As part of the firm’s global initiatives, and due to our professional relationship and aim to support business law education for Latin American students, we have launched the Pérez-Llorca & IE Law School’s Collegium Practicum for Latin American Lawyers, a career opportunity designed for aspiring lawyers who join IE Law School from Latin America.

Colombian Master of Laws (LL.M.) student, María José Figueroa Sánchez, was one of the fortunate recipients. After over four years of practicing law in Colombia, María decided to move to Spain in order to pursue a career as a corporate lawyer. Through the Master of Laws (LL.M.), and with the help of IE Talent & Careers, María landed a role in the M&A department at Pérez-Llorca as a legal advisor.

IE Law School contributed substantially to jumpstarting my career in Spain. The school provided a platform to connect with top employers in the country and provided guidance to seek realistic work opportunities.

She is currently validating her law degree and preparing to sit for the Spanish Bar, while simultaneously working full-time thanks to the Pérez-Llorca & IE Law School’s Collegium Practicum for Latin American Lawyers.

I landed my role in the M&A department as a legal advisor because of the support from IE Law School.

This hand-crafted career opportunity unlocks opportunities for Latin American students to gain practical legal experience while pursuing their Master of Laws (LL.M.). Students will work alongside leading professionals at Pérez-Llorca, applying their freshly acquired knowledge and skills from their time in the program. The Pérez-Llorca & IE Law School’s Collegium Practicum for Latin American Lawyers aims to train the next generation of international lawyers by driving legal knowledge through firsthand experience, a welcome addition to the already incredibly comprehensive master’s program.