Our Traditions

IE University’s contagious spirit and pride have grown tremendously over the years, bolstered by exciting campus-wide events and programs.

Join in, have fun, and become a part of IE’s lively events and longstanding traditions. Remembering where we came from unites us as a community and an institution, and helps us understand how we got where we are today. Though we honor the past, we are also defined by innovation, so we’re always looking for new ideas and connections. Bring your friends along and help us keep our rich campus traditions alive and strong.


IE Day


IE Day is a celebration of the #iespirit. Campus Life invites the entire IE University Community to come together and celebrate why #weareie. On this day, we all turn blue! Held directly at the IE University Madrid Center, IE Day is a social event, gathering students, staff, faculty, and alumni, who come together, participate in fun activities, share their favorite moments at IE University, and of course create new moments together. An afternoon filled with GAMES, FOOD, RAFFLE PRIZES and many more surprises.

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On this day, experts from around the world offer insight into how they’ve pioneered sustainable change over the course of their professional careers. Through a series of informative panels, they’ll advance our understanding of the mind and detail the skill sets necessary for leadership, decision making and entrepreneurship.

IEU Our Traditions


IE China Club organizes this event to celebrate the arrival of the Chinese New Year. The celebration includes traditional Chinese art forms such as dances, martial arts, Changing Face, the Beijing Opera and Chinese instrumental and vocal performances.


IEU Spring Ball

Every year in March or April, the IE University Student Government hosts the IEU Spring Ball, inviting all undergraduate students to a memorable gala full of surprises and awards, as well as food, drinks and music. The party doesn’t stop ‘til dawn.
Make Art Work

IEU Make Art Work Conference

IEU Make Art Work conference is a joint effort between IE University Arts & Business Club and IE University Campus Life that aims to celebrate the value of Humanities at IE University and bring together renowned companies, experts of the arts world and students interested in non-conventional business models and willing to deepen their knowledge in diverse arts fields.

IEU Theater Performance

IEU Theater is a student-led initiative that puts on annual productions. Students work with professionally-trained teachers who encourage them to explore their artistic sides and help them in the learning process.

IEU Doñana Trip

Since 2013, IE University has helped reforest nearly 25 hectares of the Doñana National Park. IE University was also named the biggest donor in WWF’s 100 Empresas Por Los Bosques project. Every year, a group of 30 students travels to Doñana to donate the proceeds from the school’s Print On Demand Service. The students also make a direct impact by planting trees in the valley themselves.

IEU Orientation Week

At IE University we like to welcome our first-year students with an orientation week full of memorable activities and events. The week kicks off with an opening ceremony and our club fair. These events are followed by various workshops and an exciting closing party meant to create lasting bonds between students.


A group of students organizes this annual, independent TED event at IE University. Every year TEDxIE Madrid returns with a new theme and the promise of an unforgettable and inspiring experience for all involved. More information is available at



After completing a public speaking course offered each October, IE University students can join the IEU Debate team. The team participates in several different competitions, including The Academic, British Parliament and MUN (Model United Nations). These take place throughout the year, both in Spain and abroad.

Tech IE


Once a year, all undergraduate and master’s tech clubs at IE University come together to share knowledge about the current trends in artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, cybersecurity, the Internet of things and robotics together with companies such as, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Cabify, Deliveroo, Sephora, Revolut or BCG amongst many others.


IEU Creativity Day

This day highlights the importance of creativity and innovation in our everyday lives. It takes place at IE University Creativity Center in Segovia on the last Wednesday in January.


The IE University Africa Club, comprised of both African and non-African students, aims to increase awareness of opportunities on the African continent. Through IE University Africa Day, the club aims to bring the continent’s rich cultures to the fore and challenge myths about Africa’s role in our increasingly global world.


IEU Global Village

Global Village, one of IE University’s most traditional festivals, celebrates the wealth of cultural diversity on campus. Throughout the event, students from around the world share information about their home countries’ cultures and organize traditional music and dance performances.

IEU Humanities Week

This week-long celebration of the humanities takes place in the spring. The event offers members of the IE University community an important chance to reflect on one of the university’s core values, and on their personal journeys of discovery and thinking.

IEU Sports Day

This is the perfect afternoon for any sports lover. Don’t miss your chance to visit a sports pavilion in Madrid or Segovia, all while taking part in all types of sports and obstacle courses.

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Represent IE University in a wide range of team and individual sports, in both competitive and recreational atmospheres.

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IE Clubs

With over 100 student clubs and organizations, students have the opportunity to connect with peers over shared interests, or dive into something totally new.

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IEU Creativity Center

Segovia’s historic Casa de la Moneda has been transformed into a space dedicated to the exchange of ideas, and projects related to culture, art and entrepreneurship.

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Discover online resources available to all IE University students. Become part of our community to get the latest updates on events and activities.

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