Gurus and Griots Fellows Forum

On 18 May 2023, Gurus and Griots Fellows gathered in Madrid to connect with peers and forge meaningful connections with members of the IE community. The forum created a vibrant space for Fellows to connect with the IE Community, forge new partnerships, and lay the groundwork for future collaborations. Fellows also got the opportunity to share their expertise and IE experiences in curated conversations with members of IE Faculty.

Gurus and Griots is an IE University Academic Accelerator that provides a platform for African and diasporic solutions to global challenges and incorporates the uniquely valuable perspectives of African and Afro-descendant business, policy, and thought leaders into the IE University ecosystem.

Over the course of a year–long program, fellows collaborate with IE teams to develop multimedia educational materials and programming that center African and Afro-descendant expertise for a wide range of audiences, including IE students and alumni, corporate and institutional partners, and academic peers.