AI & Search

Ed Albanese, Vectara
October 4th, 2023

In this video discussion, Dean Ikhlaq Sidhu and Vectera CEO Ed Albanese explore how LLMs (Large Language Models) are changing the medical field. He also discusses how companies like Vectara are playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing both medicine and AI, as well as the technology behind LLMs.

Clean Energy

Shwam Lamei, Emulate Solutions
15th September, 2023

Shwam Lamei, along with lead instructor Dean Ikhlaq Sidhu, talks about the technology adopted by Emulate Solutions to combine AI with other technologies to create and manage different energy sources. The discussion also touches upon the centralized v/s decentralized model of energy distribution and its impact on the global energy scenario.


Melanie Matheu, Prellisbio
10th September, 2023
Dean Ikhlaq Sidhu, in conversation with  Melanie Mathews, discusses  bio convergence and its role in
revolutionising human health and building bridges between medicine and technology. The video
throws light on how AI and other technologies are converging toward advancements in biology and genetics.

green hydrogen and synthetic fuels

Caleb Boyd, Molten Industries
10th August, 2023

In this impactful discussion, Ikhlaq Sidhu, the lead instructor and Dean of IE SciTech School, along with Caleb Boyd, the visionary CEO of Molten Industries, delve into how this technology can catalyze clean hydrogen energy. This case explores how synthetic fuels and hydrogen-based energy sources might reshape the landscape, enable clean energy generation, and usher in a new era of sustainability by decarbonizing even the most resource-intensive sectors and industries.

Immersive web

Edo Segal
5th August, 2023

In this video, lead instructor Ikhlaq Sidhu, along with Edo Segal, takes us on a journey on the future of immersive web experience and its interactions with AI. Edo Segal talks about immersive web technologies such as touch-cast and metaverse, and how they impact our day to day lives. The discussion also touches upon the impact of these technologies on our future and what happens when AI enters the picture. The video also touches upon futuristic trends, demystification of jargon, and the evolution of technology.