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Talent & Careers

A two-fold commitment: with students and companies

The Talent & Careers department at IE University is a team of professional door-openers, working full time to find the right opportunities for you.

To achieve this, we direct our efforts into two main channels: students and companies. With students, we work one-on-one to develop your unique professional profile, while providing diverse career-based resources to help you achieve your goals. This is complemented by our close relationships with top international companies, which leads to partner agreements, placement opportunities and more.

Career Education

During your time with us, you will gain access to incredible careers workshops and sessions to help boost your potential. These collaborative sessions will be further complemented by access to resources, platforms and tools on the IE Career Portal, allowing you to put new skills into action right away.

  • One-on-One Session

    Attend one-on-one sessions with your assigned Career Advisor to plan, clarify, and discuss career plans. Review your self-assessment tasks, define your career strategy and prepare to take action.


    Attend drop-in sessions with a sector-specific expert for a 10-20 minute advising meeting with our specialized Career Advisors. It’s the perfect opportunity to discuss industry or sector-specific doubts, quick questions about CVs, interviews or specific job opportunities.


    During the year students will have a number of career education courses and workshops that will offer them the opportunity to brush up on and strengthen career skills.


    Career tools and resources are available on the IE Career Portal, an exclusive careers platform for the IE community, where you will find a curated collection of guides, tools, resources, exclusive access to external platforms, events and a job board.


From the time you join the IE University community, you gain access to our incredible career services to help you find and progress in your career trajectory.

Our team of cross-functional experts specialize in helping you build your professional portfolio and personal brand, while also seeking out the best opportunities for you. These dynamic services are broken down into three specific areas.  

Beyond up-to-date training in general career education, you also need to personalize your profile to attract your target recruiters. This is where the career advising comes in, allowing you to define a clear strategy and request individual sessions for orientation or CV writing. IE University students also have the option to take part in sector-specific drop-in sessions to gain greater industry insights.


    Receive e-mail based notifications of top graduate programs and internship opportunities throughout the entire duration of the program directly from our team of sector-specific Career Advisors.

  • Talent Forum at IE Law School


    Our flagship event: sector-specific recruitment fairs are held throughout the year, giving you the opportunity to meet directly with recruiters of a particular industry.

  • Computer in a table, hand os a person explaining information in a meeting.


    You will be invited to apply to these recruiting activities when companies come on-campus to hire for positions or rotational/development programs.


    On the IE Career Portal, an exclusive careers platform for the IE community, you will be able to find our job board with over 400 new opportunities posted every month. Remember to use your Career Advisor’s assistance, paired with the guides, tools, resources and exclusive access to external platforms to prepare for recruitment processes.

  • CV Books

    CV Books are a collection of CVs that are distributed to employers proactively or upon their request. CV Books are created based upon a mix of one or more criteria: program, intake, nationality, sector, function, geographical preference or company of interest. Companies use them to: pinpoint the right candidates fast, access students at once, search profiles and filter CVs to meet their recruitment needs.

Recruiter relations

You may have the most cutting-edge knowledge and a fantastic CV—but top connections are essential to get your foot in the door. The Talent & Careers department helps boost the visibility of IE University students among international companies who are searching for world-class talent. These recruiter-relation activities take place online, on campus and in specific locations around the world. They can involve everything from access to our exclusive job board to in-person presentations and networking events, including our Talent Forums.

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