The household savings observatory is set up to be a reference in the study of trends, behaviour and problems relating to the saving and investment of the population.


The Finances of Spanish Digital Natives and Millennials

The fifth report from the Family Savings Observatory delves into the financial reality of digital natives and millennials, addressing the economic challenges both generations face when entering the job market. The study examines the level of financial literacy among young adults in Spain and explores the barriers in financial knowledge,…

28 de September de 2023

At  the Annual Sigma Reseach Symposium 2023/ 19 th International Conference of Pensions, Insurance and Savings in Tokyo.

Laura Nuñez Letamendia, Household Savings Observatory’s director, Patricia Sánchez and Ana C. Silva, presented one of the Household Savings Observatory’s research papers at the Sigma Research Symposium. Thanks to Hitotsubashi University for the warm welcome and excellent organisation, and to all the organisers (House of Finance Dauphine, NOVA IMS Information…

19 de June de 2023

«Financial knowledge and habits of the elderly population in Spain»

The fourth report of the IE IE Household Savings Observatory analyzes the habits, behaviors and perception of financial well-being of older adults in Spain, in order to better understand and face the challenge of enjoying one of the highest longevity rates in the world, from a financial point of view….

18 de November de 2022

Winner of the 2nd Household Savings Observatory Award

The 2nd Household Savings Observatory Award for the best journalistic work to promote savings and financial planning, worth 10,000 euros, went, in this second edition, to Miguel Moreno Mendieta, for his work “How to save and invest according to age”, published in the Inversión special issue of the Cinco Días financial newspaper….

30 de June de 2022

«The gender gap in financial competencies»

This third study of the IE Household Savings Observatory analyzes the difference in terms of financial education that exists between women and men. According to the study, less than half of the women surveyed (49%) answered the questions on financial competencies correctly compared to the 63% of men who answered…

10 de March de 2022

“HSO receives a BBVA grant from the Edufin Reseach program”

We are very happy with the news that our project has been chosen to receive funding from the Edufin Research programme. of BBVABeyond the satisfaction of the funding, it is an honour for us to have been selected by such a prestigious programme as BBVAEdufin, which shares a common objective…

29 de November de 2021

“Determinants of household savings: financial education, the protagonist”

This report delves into the variables driving households’ savings as well as explores how the crisis resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the savings of Spanish families and how this experience may condition their future financial behavior.Tuesday, November 2, 2021. 10 h.View

3 de November de 2021

Household Savings Observatory Award

The Household Savings Observatory Award for the best journalistic work for the promotion of savings and financial planning went to Isabel Gaspar Calero, of ‘El Economista’, for “Countries with  financial education emerge earlier from the crisis”. View

8 de July de 2021

One in three Spanish families reached the pandemic with less than 2,200 euros saved

A report from the Spanish newspaper El Pais summarises the main conclusions of the study we have carried out on savings in Spanish and European households. Not only do we save little, but we save badly. Financial planning is absent from our lives, a mistake that ends up affecting us…

18 de December de 2020