Equipped to revolutionize business through data, this alum used her dual degree to advance her career and land a competitive role as head of marketing data and operations.

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Camille Eloi was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Seeking a marketing program that could also be math-intensive, she launched her academic path by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a major in marketing and a minor in finance. She then went on to work as a marketing specialist in a variety of industries ranging from transportation to healthcare, education and technology, among others.

While Camille has built a professional profile with marketing as the foundation, she has always used business as a pillar in her work. And after seven years of experience, she knew it was time to further her career by securing a senior role. So she started researching graduate programs online—a choice that led her to IE University. 

Making the next step

During her career, Camille began to see how necessary the use of data to represent the effectiveness of her work was becoming in her day-to-day role. Her superiors were looking for the numbers behind a campaign’s performance, not just the content. As it turns out, she really enjoyed performance analytics. “I suddenly realized that what I was doing had actual results,” she says. “The work mattered.” This motivated her to start the journey to gain a deeper understanding of analytics.

Location was a huge factor in Camille’s decision to pursue a master’s degree.

A dual degree program to expand horizons in data and management

She was working for an international business school at the time and realized that she no longer wanted to sell the brochure, she wanted to be in it. That meant it was finally time for her to move abroad and accomplish her dreams. 

When Camille discovered the Dual Degree International MBA + Master in Business Analytics & Big Data, she knew it would be the perfect way to add technical skills to her profile. 

Passionate about developing her business acumen and entrepreneurial mindset, Camille wanted to focus on data to help shape her view on data architecture. “I could pursue an MBA while simultaneously learning about the platforms and coding languages that support data management at scale,” notes Camille. “It would be a structured way for me to build upon my technical and business management skills.”

Real-world discoveries

Throughout her Dual Degree International MBA + Master in Business Analytics & Big Data, Camille zeroed in on two main ideas. The first was that SQL, a popular programming language, is key. While she didn’t expect to use concepts like coding and data warehousing daily, learning more about them helped her realize she was wrong. The ability to transform data sets with SQL queries and to use dashboards to show marketing performance has been incredibly helpful in her current role. 

Camille’s second biggest takeaway came from a course on leading teams. The lessons she gained there still impact how she relates to people, specifically around the principles of persuasion. “Ethos, pathos and logos provide a framework for how I curate my presentations.”

A dual degree program to expand horizons in data and management

Camille sees both learnings as necessary to make a successful career shift after graduation.

But overall, she says studying this dual degree allowed her to refine a wide breadth of management and technical skills. 

Implementing new skills

Camille currently works as the head of Marketing Data & Operations for Corporate Visions, a leading provider of revenue growth services backed by science. She now has a team that directly reports to her, allowing her to apply the psychology of business she learned in the program to her leadership strategy. She’s also working on implementing an extract, transform and load (ETL) process to synchronize the company’s marketing data. “I would have no idea how to build any of that if I hadn’t joined the Dual Degree International MBA + Master in Business Analytics & Big Data.”

What’s more, through the program, Camille was able to figure out where she wanted her career to go. “The program gave me insights into how data science and data engineering overlap, on top of the business management skills needed to lead efficiently. I graduated with a greater understanding of economics as a global driver, as well as the hand that moves it.”

Camille would tell future students to take every opportunity to build leadership skills. “In a data-driven world, I’m seeing more companies adopt the framework of a flat organization. They are looking for managers, directors or executives capable of pushing data strategies from end to end,” she says. “The Dual Degree International MBA + Master in Business Analytics & Big Data will set you apart from other candidates.”

Her time at IE University was not only about studying: the diverse, tight-knit community she was able to form isn’t lost on her.

A dual degree program to expand horizons in data and management

“I have friends that are more like family all around the world; they all come from unique backgrounds and journeys. Building this community is probably my favorite takeaway from my time abroad.”