IE evaluation criteria

A variety of assessment methods are used during the program including exams, project presentations, reports, case write-ups, simulations, and many more. Due to the collaborative ethos of the program, class participation is an integral component of all courses. The final course grade derives from the evaluations obtained through group work contribution, class participation, as well as individual assignments or exams.

Attendance is an essential part of a student’s commitment to their IE program. Students missing more than 30% and less than 50% of the sessions of any course will automatically be qualified with a FAIL. Students must then obtain a Low Pass in the reassessment, otherwise they will face program expulsion for academic underperformance. A lack of attendance of more than 50% of a course will imply a disciplinary sanction that will be determined by Program Management in collaboration with the course professor.

Upon completion of each course, the professor will evaluate students using the following grades: Honors, Excellence, Proficiency, Pass or Fail. These grades will be distributed in the following manner:

· Honors: Top 15% of the class.

· Excellence: The following 35% of the class.

· Proficiency: The following 35% of the class.

· Pass: The bottom 15% of the class.

· Fail: An unsatisfactory performance that does not meet one or more minimum requirements of a course.

When a student receives a Fail grade in a course, s/he will have the opportunity to partake in a reassessment with the goal of attaining sufficient credits to graduate. Students can only participate in one reassessment per course. Those students that receive another Fail during the reassessment for a course will not be able to continue in the program.

The pedagogical structure of a program at IE is very intensive. Courses have a horizontal relationship between them and complement each other rigorously. For this purpose, a system of continuous global evaluation of students’ academic results is implemented, taking into account the criterion of the result of their GPA. Consequently, a minimum GPA per term must be met; otherwise, s/he will be required to leave the program at that time.