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At IE University, we believe learning happens both inside and outside of the classroom. Our programs are designed with hands-on methodologies and feature firsthand experiences that put our students in the center of the fast-paced world of work. Our Master in Applied Economics Immersion Week is no different. Read on to find out more about this experience through the eyes of our students.

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The Master in Applied Economics at IE University is designed to help students advance their careers in economics. Throughout the unique, 10-month program, students combine research and quantitative analysis to acquire the skills to analyze global trends and understand complex economics using the most up-to-date tools.

Our rigorous academic standards, data-driven curriculum, flexibility in career paths, ample job opportunities and transferable skills are only a few of the reasons why the Master in Applied Economics helps students stand out from the rest.

But, there’s one big reason why the program is unique and transformational: Immersion Week.

A glance into the Master in Applied Economics’ Immersion Week

A hands-on adventure

The Master in Applied Economics Immersion Week is a chance for students to step out of their comfort zones and into an international experience. Thanks to IE University’s partnerships with leading companies like the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), students are given the opportunity to visit and gain experience in the field. The most recent intake spent time in Paris and Luxembourg.

Master in Applied Economics student, Takahiro Yamamoto, said that his Immersion Week experience served as an interesting way to get an idea of what it’s like to work as an economist, something that students can’t fully experience in regular classes. He goes on to say, “It was also interesting to hear about the latest topics, such as green bonds and sustainable finance, which are not covered in regular classes, allowing me to broaden my perspective.”

Nicolás Ramírez García Peña, a Master in Applied Economics student, shares his view, “This week has been great.

A glance into the Master in Applied Economics’ Immersion Week

We first went to Paris, where we visited a couple of development organizations and banks, and a financial startup.

Then we finished in Luxembourg, visiting more development banks as well as the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.”

The opportunity to visit a successful startup was a highlight for Nicolás, especially as he’s most interested in using his Master in Applied Economics as a kick-start to enter the world of startups and tech.

Master in Applied Economics student Merin Wood shared that the highlight of Immersion Week for her was the opportunity to learn more about the ICC and the way they work with entrepreneurs:

“I am very interested in innovation and entrepreneurship, especially in an international development way.

A glance into the Master in Applied Economics’ Immersion Week

“So, that was really interesting and opened my eyes to a new organization and a new opportunity for my professional career.”

Benefits outside academics

Immersion Week is a great way for students to see the world of work, but it also helps them on a personal level. Merin explains, “This experience will help me both professionally and personally.”

A glance into the Master in Applied Economics’ Immersion Week

It has opened my eyes to a lot of different companies in an international community and it has also offered me a network with a variety of people.

“The chance to network with both my classmates and the people present throughout our Immersion Week expanded my interests and opened up more opportunities for my future career.”

Master in Applied Economics student Rebeca Hurtado shares that the experience helped her professionally and personally, explaining that she has “realized what my actual tastes are like and which organizations and industries fit my personality better.”

Recommendations from the students

Immersion Week is a unique experience that helps students get a clearer vision of what they want for their futures.

It offers the opportunity to try new things and spend time in companies that students may have previously passed over.

A glance into the Master in Applied Economics’ Immersion Week

Takahiro explains, “Visiting organizations will be very fruitful if you imagine what you could or would like to do if you were to work there, even though it seems uninteresting at first glance.”

Nicolás recommends that future students come prepared for the experience by researching the companies ahead of time. “Come ready with some research about the companies and the places they are going to visit in order to ask the best questions. This will help you make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.” And Rebeca doubles down on that tip, saying, “Come really prepared. Learn about the organizations and their bios because then you will have a good opportunity to ask interesting questions.”

If you’re ready to boost your career with the Master in Applied Economics and interested in participating in experiences like Immersion Week, reach out today.