We make our programs as hands-on as possible. That’s why in-class insights are complemented by real-world experiences like the Berkeley Immersion Week, geared toward IE School of Science and Technology students.

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IE School of Science and Technology strives to give students a taste of the real world through the latest tools, technologies and industry insights. We recently partnered with the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) at the University of California, Berkeley to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas. And a big part of this initiative is the Berkeley Immersion Week program.

A worthwhile collaboration

Berkeley Immersion Week is a unique experience that lets students delve into the changing world of technology. Our collaboration with SCET serves as a connection to Silicon Valley, giving students a chance to connect with some of the biggest tech companies, startups and industry leaders in the region.

We’ve been working very closely with Kenneth Singer to develop this valuable and engaging experience. Kenneth is the managing director and chief learning officer of the Sutardja Center. He’s also a successful serial entrepreneur, tech executive, university professor and startup advisor.

“The Berkeley Immersion Week will introduce IE students to Silicon Valley mindset and culture, the Berkeley startup ecosystem, and emerging technologies.”

Berkeley Immersion Week: Students gain hands-on opportunities in the tech startup world

As co-creator of the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship (BMoE), Kenneth shares our transversal belief that an entrepreneurial spirit is essential to a successful leadership mindset.

We are thrilled to be partnering with IE University and its School of Science and Technology,” he says. “Their focus on empowering students aligns perfectly with the Sutardja Center’s mission to empower innovators to positively change the world.

Inside Berkeley Immersion Week

Having established himself as an innovative entrepreneur, Kenneth now shares his secrets with university students worldwide through his startup, Venture Dojo. He’s also invited to speak regularly at industry conferences, runs innovation boot camps, consults for major corporations, and continues to push the bounds through research.

Berkeley Immersion Week: Students gain hands-on opportunities in the tech startup world

“Berkeley faculty and researchers will share current research and trends across a range of emerging technologies, including AI, computer and data science, sustainability and more.”

With such credentials, few tech leaders are better placed to help develop this unique learning experience. We caught up with Kenneth to hear more about how students can benefit from Berkeley Immersion Week and the activities they can look forward to.

Q: How would you define Berkeley Immersion Week and its core purpose?

Kenneth: Berkeley Immersion Week will introduce students to the Silicon Valley mindset and culture, as well as the Berkeley startup ecosystem and various emerging technologies. Students will hear from an array of speakers, including Berkeley startup founders and researchers, other industry professionals and IE University alumni in the Bay Area. They will also have the opportunity to visit companies and network with local entrepreneurs, professionals and IE Alumni.

Q: What key thematic areas and activities will students explore during Berkeley Immersion Week?

K: The program will be spread across four key areas:

  • Entrepreneurial mindset and culture: Students will explore the mindsets and behaviors of successful entrepreneurs during discussions and activities on opportunity identification, teaming, culture and communication, and storytelling. UC Berkeley founders will share their startup journeys and take part in moderated discussions on problem identification, product development, fundraising and more.
  • Emerging technology research and application: Berkeley faculty and researchers will also share current research and trends across a range of emerging technologies including AI, computer and data science, sustainability and more. All sessions will provide ample time for questions and discussions so that students can boost their understanding.
  • Professional skills development: What’s more, faculty and industry professionals will share training and insight on important professional skills including leadership, communication and team building. Other sessions will showcase popular career paths like product management.
  • Company visits: During the week, there will also be organized company visits to showcase Silicon Valley innovation. Talks will be arranged at each location, providing an opportunity for students to better understand industry trends and how their academic training prepares them for different career paths.

Q: What benefits can students expect to gain through Berkeley Immersion Week?

K: Students will learn the key mindsets and behaviors that distinguish successful entrepreneurs and innovators—and why these are important. More specifically, they will learn from experienced entrepreneurs and faculty about the skills required to succeed in entrepreneurship.

Moreover, they’ll gain valuable pitching and presentation by preparing and delivering a Silicon Valley-style pitch, with personalized feedback from potential partners and investors. From experienced mentors, they will receive industry insights and mentorship opportunities. They’ll also network with top entrepreneurs and industry leaders from a variety of sectors, alongside exploring the region’s thriving startup ecosystem with in-person visits to world-class tech corporations.

Students will emerge with an understanding of both the cutting-edge research and practical application of emerging tech in areas like AI, robotics, energy and life sciences. At the end of the week, they will receive a certificate of completion accrediting their participation and acquired skills.

A hands-on learning experience

Berkeley Immersion Week is a chance to see innovation in action. Students will gain exclusive insights into the entrepreneurial process while getting inspired to engage through the success stories of renowned professors, alumni, innovators and industry leaders.

“Through various networking opportunities, students will also connect with industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs and renowned professors.”

Berkeley Immersion Week: Students gain hands-on opportunities in the tech startup world

Kenneth encourages all ambitious students to attend, especially those who hope to understand what distinguishes Silicon Valley from other global startup ecosystems. Specifically, Berkeley Immersion Week is ideal for students who hope to become business leaders in technology, or aspiring innovators and tech entrepreneurs who want to learn from the best minds in the industry.

One thing is for sure, though: Berkeley Immersion Week is the perfect time to acquire new knowledge, build new connections and gain new ground in the world of science and technology.