At IE University we strive to make the university experience just that—an experience. From our academic, content and talent partnerships to our community engagement and joint programs, our students step out of the classroom and into the real world long before graduation day.

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When you join the IE Community, we want you to get a complete experience. IE School of Architecture & Design’s bachelor’s and master’s programs are designed to enrich our students on both academic and personal levels.

To accomplish this, we take education beyond the classroom—setting students up for success with immersive experiences, internships, joint programs, research opportunities and more.

Explore what could be in store for you as a student at IE University.

Real cases, real clients, real learning

Being in the classroom is a large part of the experience at IE University, and our hands-on approach keeps your mind engaged and your learning constant. You will have the opportunity to work with real clients alongside like-minded learners and guided by leaders in the field. Diving into the work through case studies and projects helps you learn to face stressful moments and new challenges head-on. From learning trips to guest speakers, you will be in contact with representatives from companies including Muji, Bruce Mau Design, RSHP, Kazuyo Sejima & Associates, and Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos.

IE University’s D(esign) Lab, or simply the D-Lab, is a space for you to freely approach the world of architecture and design. Here you will put your learning to the test while you work on real projects with real clients.

With cutting-edge tools and technologies at hand, you will break down the design process from concept to completion.

Beyond the D-Lab, our facilities are equipped with the latest technology. Our Fab Lab gives you the chance to use laser cutters, 3D printers, large format and precision CNC milling machines, vinyl cutters, vacuum thermoforming machines and more. Plus, you can work in our woodshop to bring your vision to life.

Visits, events and conferences

Our partnerships in the classroom don’t stop there. As a student, you’ll participate in academic challenges and mentorships, as well as having the chance to attend masterclasses and lecture series with speakers from companies like UNStudio, MVRDV, New London Architecture, Bjarke Ingels Group, Mecanoo, Space&Matter, Foster + Partners, and AL_A. Working on challenges with real-world companies will give you that additional edge to stand out from the rest.

Site visits and congresses are another benefit of our programs. You’ll have the chance to attend the Smart City Expo World Congress, Dutch Design Week, the Urban Future conference and more.

These immersive experiences help you visualize the future of your field.

Today’s top companies know that IE University graduates are well-rounded professionals ready to tackle any challenge. That’s why organizations seek talent from our classrooms by way of internships, career fairs and guest visits. Companies including Stefano Boeri Architetti, OMA, Zaha Hadid Architects, Allies and Morrison and Snøhetta have all paid a visit to our facilities. Our IE Talent & Careers team works relentlessly to match students with their dream roles through events like the bi-annual career fair, where students can nurture opportunities for their future.

Leveling up your professional profile

Leading companies send their employees to study our programs and level up their professional profiles. Offering corporate scholarships, many professionals further their education and enhance their skill set as part of their current role. Successful companies know opportunity when they see it.

IE University is the community you build. The IE Alumni network is an interconnected community that spans continents. More than what goes on while you’re enrolled at IE University, you’ll have a lifetime, global network of like-minded professionals.

The experience at IE University is unlike any academic experience available. We take learning beyond the classroom and allow you to confidently step into a future designed by you.