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The Master in Finance at IE Business School is designed to help you expand your career horizons and take your knowledge in the financial sector to new heights. From networking to digital, our Master in Finance gives you the skills to succeed in the industry.

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At IE University, your future is our focus. And with our extensive list of transformative programs and the help of our faculty and our IE Talent & Careers department, it isn’t difficult to find what you’re looking for. The Master in Finance provides you with the advanced skills, challenges and knowledge to find your purpose, enrich your career path and specialize to best suit your strengths.

If you’re looking for career growth, extensive networking, personalization and financial expertise, the Master in Finance will take you there. Associate director for finance programs for IE Talent & Careers and adjunct professor, Rodrigo Hurtado del Nido uses his over eight years of experience in global financial and investment markets to guide IE University Master in Finance students down the right path. And thanks to IE University’s professional partnerships and the Master in Finance’s extensive curriculum, Rodrigo is able to help students make professional connections. “I advise Master in Finance students and actively facilitate collaboration between global finance companies and IE University.”

Using his global career to lead

During a career marked by leadership roles, Rodrigo has spearheaded innovative investment projects across Latin America, the United States and Europe. He has worked on projects with Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI), family offices and institutional clients. His journey represents a fusion of financial expertise, leadership and a commitment to educating future financial leaders. This commitment is proven by his work as an adjunct professor and associate director at IE University.

One of the skills Rodrigo focuses on in the classroom is networking. “Networking is pivotal for students seeking job opportunities. Effective networking can accelerate their progress, which is why it’s the foremost soft skill for Master in Finance students.” Rodrigo also works with students to teach them about teamwork, leadership and communication. “While Master in Finance students can be competitive, it’s important to emphasize that real-world scenarios often require collaborative teamwork and leadership skills. Effective communication is key for success.”

These skills are developed throughout the program thanks to the expert guidance from IE Talent & Careers. Master in Finance students will learn to enhance their visibility, personal brand and professional connections. What’s more, students are exposed to opportunities from day one.

Workshops with companies like Amplify Trading and training with organizations like Morgan Stanley ensure early collaboration and skill development.

Advice from IE Talent & Careers

The team at IE Talent & Careers works actively to foster hard and soft skills from the very start of the program. They help guide and support students on their personal and professional journey. But students also have to do their part.

Rodrigo gives his top tips:

  • Reflect on who you are and what you want. The IE Talent & Careers team will help guide your decision in which division of finance you want to join. Clarity about your career aspirations is crucial.
  • Own the process: start early, prepare diligently and be proactive. Securing a job offer isn’t easy. IE Talent & Careers will help, but we need you to put in work, too.
  • Network. Define your target and secure your referrals.
  • Team up with classmates who share a common goal. Your classroom colleagues could be your future workplace team members. Collaborate from the get go.
  • Show your professionalism. Your proactive engagement is key to making the most of our resources. Attend events with purpose, actively participate in lessons and present yourself professionally.
  • Leverage your resources. IE Talent & Careers is here to provide support and guidance—don’t hesitate to use what we offer.

While students search for the perfect career fit, IE Talent & Careers actively connects them to former alumni who share their career journey. Alumni provide valuable insights to help students discover where to focus their efforts.

IE Talent & Careers’ three focus areas

Rodrigo explains that the IE Talent & Careers team focuses on three key things: career advising, career education and employer relations. “Our mission at IE Talent & Careers is to be your companion on your career journey, preparing you for the next steps in your professional development. From one-to-one meetings where the team learns more about the students’ career objectives to sessions to help students prepare for interviews, the department has a comprehensive approach to students’ futures.

The Employability in Finance (EIF) program, for example, is a hands-on training session for students, led by industry practitioners from Amplify Trading and I Love to Be. Students are also invited to attend events like Investment Banking Day, where students can interact with and ask questions to representatives from prominent companies including Citi, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan and other industry leaders.

The Master in Finance gives you access to all the IE Talent & Careers team’s services. For more career advice, the team is there to speak about your future.