The Executive LL.M., offered as a joint program with our prestigious partner Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, is tailored for experienced legal professionals who are ready to level up their skills to become tomorrow’s leaders in global business law.

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The Executive LL.M. from IE Law School and Northwestern Pritzker School of Law is designed to broaden boundaries and transform expertise. With a focus on Anglo-American common law and its international application in corporate law, the Executive LL.M. equips participants with the skills tomorrow’s lawyers need.

The collaboration of these two world-renowned academic institutions means that students get the best education possible, through a unique and forward-thinking curriculum that seamlessly combines business administration content into a global legal framework. Upon successfully completing the program, participants will receive a LL.M./M.S.L. from Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and a Certificate in Foundations of Business Management from IE Business School. This will leave them uniquely positioned to address legal and business matters with complex international dimensions.

A joint degree delivered by two academic powerhouses

Participants in the Executive LL.M begin their journey in Madrid at IE Law School, where law courses are combined with business courses to offer a diverse perspective that is essential for the 360º legal professional who will be capable of advising companies and understanding how they work. This period in Madrid is also key for invaluable networking opportunities with peers and faculty.

The Executive LL.M. offers a practical approach that equips students to examine their clients’ operations more closely and understand the legal and entrepreneurial forces that influence them.

Discover our joint Executive LL.M., in partnership with Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

Known for its world-class education and progressive outlook, the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law provides students with an outstanding legal education on the other side of the Atlantic. Students complete a study period in Chicago, where they gain international experiences that advance their legal expertise. Through this partnership, students are able to build an international network of peers and gain a global perspective on law.

At the same time, the Certificate in Foundations of Business Management issued by IE Business School ensures that graduates are prepared to meet the demands of our increasingly interconnected corporate environment. In addition to legal skills, participants will learn about corporate finance, strategy and financial accounting, helping them become more well-rounded attorneys.

Training tomorrow’s leaders in corporate law

What are the benefits of an Executive LL.M.? Firstly, it is tailored exclusively for highly experienced professionals with a brilliant track record. Joshua Alter, associate dean of international programs at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, explains.

Discover our joint Executive LL.M., in partnership with Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

“This program is unique because it brings people from all over the world to Madrid and Chicago.”

This creates a dynamic, inspiring and diverse group of students who all bring their own international expertise to the classroom.

The attorneys and business professionals who enroll in this joint degree will be building specific skills and expertise that propel them into the next stage of their careers. Holding an Executive LL.M. demonstrates experience and knowledge to potential clients and partners. Holding the joint Executive LL.M. from IE Law School and Northwestern Pritzker School of Law shows that you are at the forefront of international corporate law.

Maximize your experience and impact

We know that successful lawyers are busy. That’s why the Executive LL.M. is delivered in a part-time format, leveraging our Liquid Learning methodology to maximize every moment of the course. The combination of online learning with intense on-campus sessions held in Chicago and Madrid means that participants can further their education without abandoning their work lives.

By being a part of two globally recognized organizations in the US and Europe, you will become a part of an exclusive global network of professionals and experts, and Joshua’s biggest piece of advice is to “really use” this network. The program is delivered fully in English, which Joshua highlights as being another valuable element that will contribute to students’ professional development.

“Being able to understand and speak in a legal English background really will enhance a lawyer’s credentials.”

Discover our joint Executive LL.M., in partnership with Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

This Executive LL.M. opens doors in the professional world in a way that other programs cannot, and the program’s distinct business focus enhances and expands your skill set in a complementary direction. The joint LL.M. award, combined with the Certificate in Foundations of Business Management, equips you with the skills and expertise to work for any company in the world.