We live in a liquid world. As interconnected global citizens, we live a hybrid life – using an app to book tickets, an online calendar to schedule meetings, collaborating with co-workers in person, in real-time virtual spaces or by email. This agility means no time is wasted. And there’s no compromise on the quality and immediacy of the experience either. Life flows naturally through many different modalities of action, and we simply choose the most effective one for each activity we participate in.

In this world of change, education needs to sustain its critical role in helping people forge successful careers, pursue happy lives, and positively engage in society. The importance of education is a constant, but the world out there is not. We need a new approach to education that flows naturally, like modern life.

The IE Liquid Learning model does just that. It confronts this need, bringing a more humanistic attitude to these separations by taking the digital and physical, and bridging the divide to make a natural and human whole.

So, whether it’s online, offline, synchronous, asynchronous, in Madrid or anywhere else in the world, our Hybrid Class model gives students the freedom to flow between environments and situations. This model makes the IE Experience accessible to everyone by bringing together curricular and extracurricular activities, cognitive and emotional approaches and active and reflective learning, seamlessly blending them in a transformational educational experience.

Dive into Liquid Learning

The Liquid Learning model is at the heart of every program, offering our students a dynamic and cutting-edge learning experience that flows freely between the physical and digital worlds. Now motivated students can access a world-class higher education wherever they are or whatever their current professional and personal situation. Students are empowered to lead their own learning and professional journey, supported by faculty with extensive experience in leveraging innovative technologies for teaching purposes. Life on campus also holds many opportunities for intellectual, personal and professional development that the IE experience offers our students.

What our Students say

"The circumstances have pushed us to be resilient and creative. We are living out IE’s spirit of innovation as learning continues outside of the classroom."
"Despite difficulties, IE has found a way of quickly turning into the digital environment and keeping up with the schedule, allowing us to achieve our goals through innovation and a resilient mindset."
"At IE, innovation is part of our DNA; whether it’s inventing new teaching methodologies, bringing the latest technologies to the classroom, or redefining how technology is used in higher education."
"Having the possibility to take classes online shows IE’s willingness to connect people from all over the world, creating a true global community."
"IE's level of tech and response time are key in allowing us to have classes, deliver presentations, and complete exams—all virtually. But what surprises me most—and what I consider to be the most important—is how we're able to stay connected to each other while all being in different places."

We are Ready!

IE University successfully protected the health of the institution's students, teachers and staff, with more than 7,000 students from 140 countries able to continue their training exclusively online during the health crisis.

IE’s hybrid learning model has integrated new methodologies, interactive solutions, tools and technological platforms, guaranteeing the success of our academic programs and assessment methods. We’re ready to embrace the “new normal” – however it shows up.

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