The modern world is liquid. It’s constantly moving, and it can’t be confined to one space or set of rules. And while globalization and technology bring us closer together, they also trigger change at a pace that isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon.

At IE University, we’ve developed an agile, fluid and adaptable response to this change. It’s a liquid educational environment that empowers us to navigate the waves of uncertainty that modern life brings.


In our world of change, there’s one thing that remains constant—the need for high-quality education. A fresh, thoroughly accessible approach that flows naturally, just like modern life.

And Liquid Learning does just that. It’s highly flexible, and runs smoothly between the digital and physical worlds. Depending on your program structure and format, your classes may be online, offline, synchronous, asynchronous, in Madrid or anywhere else in the world, so Liquid Learning enables you to flow seamlessly between environments and situations, both during and after your studies.

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At IE, we know that your university experience reaches far beyond the classroom. It’s about exploration, through Campus Life activities. It’s about making connections through the alumni network. It’s about professional development through the Talent & Careers service. And it’s about local experiences in Madrid and Segovia, global experiences through the international offices, and your classmates and faculty who come from all over the world.

Thanks to Liquid Learning, we are able to bring the IE experience to you—regardless of your situation or needs.

Are you ready to dive into your liquid life at IE?
"The synergy between virtual and face-to-face classes with synchronous and asynchronous sessions enables students to receive a quality education while mitigating the risk of spreading infectious diseases. Despite the current critical global challenge, I was able to continue on my educational path."
"Liquid learning is a dynamic learning experience where, using technology, IE merges the physical and virtual worlds to provide an outstanding education wherever you are."