We offer many distinct Law, International Affairs & Public Policy programs at IE University, but understand it can be hard to decide which best aligns with your goals and skill set. So, we’ve designed a new, unique quiz to help you choose the best program for you and start building your ideal career.

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You may be sure that a career in law, international affairs or public policy is right for you, but deciding on the next steps can be daunting. So your first move should be to figure out what options are available to you. How might a master’s degree in one of these areas help shape your professional career?

Today’s market demands professionals with a multidisciplinary approach, a global mindset and cultural sensitivity; this is precisely what our programs offer, not only through our teaching methodology and study plan but also through having a highly diverse student body and faculty. – Paula Heras, Senior Manager Global Recruitment

This field is constantly in need of practitioners with an advanced skill set to tackle increasingly complex global issues, backed by a deep understanding of the latest industry developments. At IE University, our dynamic program offerings are constantly refined and updated to ensure you are among the most knowledgeable, qualified and informed professionals out there.

What programs are available in this pathway, and how are they different?

No matter which program you choose, you’ll emerge as a well-rounded professional with specialized skills to maximize the value and impact you can drive throughout your career. IE Law School offers a wide selection of master’s, executive master’s and dual degree programs.

While there is some overlap between programs, each caters to different professional profiles. To help get you started, we’ve created a 10-question program quiz to match you with your ideal master’s program. We believe it’s only when you understand the ambitions driving you that you can play to your strengths and make the best decisions for your future.

What other tools can I use to find my path?

Through a wealth of resources, the IE Talent & Careers team can help you identify the right fit for your skill set. In addition, we also host a dedicated Career Paths section on our Uncover IE blog filled with useful advice and in-depth expert insights on various industries.

Check out our Law, International Affairs & Public Policy page for more information!