Designed with our students in mind, these three specializations enable you to align your studies with your professional goals so you can get one step closer to carving out your ideal career.

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When joining the world of work is only a stone’s throw away, you want to graduate knowing that you have all the skills and knowledge you need to be prepared from day one. Luckily, for students completing a Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) within the Master of Laws (LL.M.), they can graduate knowing that they’ve made the right decision.

The Master of Laws (LL.M.) Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) allows junior practitioners to take a step closer to embarking on their dream career by specializing in a specific area of their choice throughout their studies. It provides them with the opportunity to acquire a wealth of knowledge surrounding the challenges, realities and future of their chosen area, while providing them with real-world insights that’ll enrich their professional journey.

Through partnerships with top companies, law firms and world-renowned institutions, each specialization offers hands-on learning experiences so students graduate feeling empowered and ready to take on their chosen career.

There are three specializations students can choose from: International Business Law, International Dispute Resolution, and Intellectual Property & Technology Law. In an Instagram live session, we sat down with students Mirian Rodrigo Haloui, Helena Abal Cervino, John Canning and Carla Patrice Cucueco to learn more about each specialization. Let’s take a look and see how they’ve helped our students to get closer to achieving their professional ambitions.

Specialization one: International Business Law

The International Business Law specialization sets out to educate the next generation of leading global commercial lawyers by offering them rigorous academic and professional training in a variety of areas, from corporate law, finance, cross-border mergers, tax, international trade and antitrust. It combines real-life examples and case studies with a focus on technology so students finish their studies with a transversal set of skills.

For Carla, the opportunity to enhance her business savvy with a deeper understanding of globalization and business internationalization is what drew her to choosing this area for her PGDip. It has allowed her to acquire a comprehensive overview of the inner workings of international business law and enhance her skills so she can thrive in today’s ever-challenging marketplace.

Specialization two: International Dispute Resolution

This specialization prepares students to become accomplished, versatile lawyers who can defend their clients’ rights in a demanding arena. It teaches students how to deal strategically with cross-border litigation, parallel proceedings and international insolvency situations, as well as to understand how to navigate the challenges emerging in the field of international dispute resolution.

When asked why he chose this specialization, John explains that the opportunity to take part in moot court specializations was the deciding factor for him. In these competitions—which can take place in Vienna, Madrid and other cities across Europe—volunteers are challenged to present a variety of cases that mirror real scenarios from the legal world and solve hypothetical EU law cases to a faux Court of Justice.

Specialization three: Intellectual Property & Technology Law

The Intellectual Property & Technology Law specialization allows students to develop the practical skills needed to master the various domains associated with law, technology and innovation. Students are also taught the necessary leadership skills they’ll need upon graduation so they’re able to become a global changemaker in a continuously transforming legal landscape.

Choosing this specialization was an easy choice for Miriam, who has always had an interest in trademarks, copyright and patents, and was now looking to enhance these interests with an understanding of innovation and sustainable technological development.

For Helena, when asked why she chose to study this specialization, it was her experience of studying intellectual property at undergraduate level that led her to choose it for her PGDip, too.

How will your specializations help you reach your career goals?

Coming from the United States, John was initially unsure whether he’d want to work in an international context, but since taking on the International Dispute Resolution specialization, John’s been surprised by how many job opportunities are now available to him, especially in the field of dispute resolution.

The International Business Law PGDip opens up a huge range of opportunities for students as it not only helps them expand their knowledge of law, but also to understand how it can be applied to business administration, accounting and technology. For Carla, this specialization has opened doors she didn’t know existed, and she’s now in a place where she can start applying for a much more expansive range of jobs.

What’s more, around the world, governments and organizations are looking for the next batch of upcoming trailblazers who know how to manage the ever-growing wealth of intangible goods. That’s why, for Helena and Miriam, choosing the Intellectual Property & Technology Law specialization means they’re now in a position to apply at leading global companies such as Google, IBM, the European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

The support that IE University offers, from career advice specialists to mentors, enables students to feel more secure in their chosen career path.

“I really appreciate the professors at IE University and I am always in awe when I’m in class as I learn so much from these experts in their respective fields.” – Carla

A global approach to learning

For students who want to practice law internationally, the Master of Laws (LL.M.) Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) is the right option. Equipped with one of the three specializations, students are able to stand out in their chosen area thanks to their broad skill set and international mindset.

Carla explains how the international experience IE University offers has not only helped her to understand different world cultures, but also to understand how she may fit into different companies across the globe. This is just one example of how IE University, and this master’s program in particular, can open up many doors for you on a global scale.

A business-focused program

Whether you have a background in business or not, the Master of Laws (LL.M.) Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) will help you become an expert in your area. Our professors are dedicated to ensuring you have all the knowledge you need to become a global leader. John joined IE University with a limited knowledge of business, but since beginning his studies, he now has a comprehensive overview of the crucial topics he needs to know to take the world of international dispute resolution by storm.

Why IE University?

Drawn to IE University by its world-renowned reputation, the facilities it has to offer, and the professors who teach here, Carla found that IE University ticked all her boxes. The opportunity to be taught by professors who are top professionals in some of the world’s leading companies is a huge advantage for her. Not only that, the networking opportunities available to students in this master’s program are second to none, and John, Helena, Carla and Miriam are all grateful for this benefit.

Our students may come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have diverse career goals. That’s why we pride ourselves on empowering them to carve out their own unique career paths that are aligned with their passions and interests. Through the PGDip specializations, our LL.M. students are able to do just that.