Career Paths


The world of marketing, communication, and sales is fast growing. New roles are continuously popping up, and the market needs professionals ready to shake up the trends. At IE University, we strive to provide the tools necessary to help you become market-ready. Find out what IE Talent & Careers can do for your future career.

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We here at IE University believe in the experience as a whole. We are committed to your journey every step of the way, from application, classes and internships to the job search and landing your next role. As part of this, we offer a wide range of resources along the way, including IE Talent & Careers.

We recently spoke with Fabiola Morales, director of IE Talent & Careers for programs in marketing, communication, and sales. She shared her insights on how the department helps you throughout your journey and the different career paths you can pursue in the industry.

An act of three parts

Fabiola splits her time between three main areas: Education, including career accelerator sessions or classes that help students in their preparation; Advising and resources, which utilize the expertise of mentors and professional experts to help students through their academic journey; and employer relations & partnerships, where IE University building valuable connections with top employers for students.

Together with a pool of experts, the team guides and accompanies you to define and prepare your job strategy and be ready for every step. The department has what they call “sector advisors,” who serve as a touchpoint for you regardless of the program you choose. These sector advisors focus on a specific sector, allowing you to hone in on your interests. This personalized guidance is just one feature of IE Talent & Careers.

Skills to help you stand out

The department works relentlessly to prepare you to step into the real world. And with their experience and expertise, they know what the skills marketing, communication and sales positions require. “Analytical skills are number one,” explains Fabiola, “It’s very important to be able to use and understand data, as well as transform it into new ideas or solutions.”

Digital and technical skills are the second on her list: “There will be different requirements depending on the professional path you would like to pursue.

“However, in general, any interest in marketing, communication and sales requires the foundational digital and technical skills—and we provide that.”

IE Talent and Careers guide you toward a career in Marketing, Communication, and Sales

The third skill Fabiola mentions is communication: “This may seem silly to highlight, especially with the title of the industry, but it’s a must for marketers and sales professionals alike. Along with your professional development, you will likely take on a role for internal or external stakeholders, making communication crucial.”

A myriad of opportunities

The career path for anyone looking to work in marketing, communication and sales can be divided into two main areas: B2C and B2B. B2C focuses on understanding and helping the consumer, whereas B2B focuses on another company’s problems and needs; it’s more of a consulting type of approach. No matter the path you choose, Fabiola explains, “The marketer and salesperson are there mainly to generate value for the company, from KPIs, objectives and revenue to make an impact in the community.”

Opportunity comes with adaptability.

IE Talent and Careers guide you toward a career in Marketing, Communication, and Sales

“One of the skills that top recruiters repeatedly look for, regardless of the sector, is adaptability—the ability to overcome new challenges and new technologies and use them for the benefit of the company.”

Fabiola goes on to highlight a recent campaign launched by a company that’s been in the business for over 150 years. The company used AI to prove that they were adaptable and could keep up with the times, no matter how long they’ve been around.

The market is constantly changing due to technological advancements, and according to Fabiola, if you can show your adaptability and creativity, you will have more opportunities: “Immerse yourself in AI, dive into a diverse environment and learn in a safe space that produces turbulence with innovative courses that involve problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, as well as team dynamics to help you understand who you are and how you can use your skill set to drive positive change.”

Beyond the classroom

Through the resources and support of the IE Talent & Careers department, you will have the opportunity to form professional relationships with top employers. Different recruitment events and networking opportunities will help you explore a variety of professional paths.

“We pair you with a career advisor and a ton of resources, including sessions that will help you define a job search strategy and walk you through each step of the recruitment process. Our hope is that you will secure an excellent job and become the best version of yourself.”

To further the training and awareness of the possibilities beyond the classroom, IE Talent & Careers hosts IE Marketing Day, an annual event to help students launch a successful future.

IE Talent and Careers guide you toward a career in Marketing, Communication, and Sales

At the most recent event, Fabiola explains, “We brought 23 top employers from different sectors within the marketing sector to IE Tower. This helped our students expand their network, gain new insights and talk with real-world professionals.”

Not only that, every company that attended the event came with a job opportunity to offer students. “This helped recruiters put a face to the applicants and allowed them to conduct speed interviews to gauge if it was a good fit.”

Learning to differentiate yourself and understand your strengths is a large part of the marketing, communication and sales programs at IE University. “Self-exploration and understanding your personality are imperative in the field. We help you figure that out starting from day one and then continue to build the bridge to enhance your skills.”