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Here at IE University, your safety is just as important as your education. We believe you should never sacrifice one for the other, and have implemented extensive health and safety protocols to protect our students while empowering them to continue learning.

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Open and connected

Across both our physical and virtual campuses, remaining open has always been an integral part of our ethos. The pandemic has certainly changed our daily lives, however thanks to IE University’s commitment to your safety and education, we have managed to make these challenging circumstances as normal as possible. 

Our international DNA means we constantly employ a multidisciplinary approach to connect our community in person and around the globe. This perspective has truly come into its own in the last year.

Through innovative teaching methods and on-site precautions, we have remained ahead of the curve during these ambiguous times—open to change and open to you.  ​

The University’s efforts have ensured that we are ready for face-to-face and online classes. This has allowed our high-performing young professionals to continue to receive the world-class education they deserve. We know that studying is a fundamental aspect of university life, and have encouraged students to participate fully through safely organized extracurricular activities. In fact, our campus has hosted an astonishing 600 speakers and 1,541 events in the last year alone

Record-breaking numbers of tests

In June 2020, we resumed our face-to-face classes—one of the first institutions in the world to do so. Despite the new challenges created by the pandemic, IE University’s effective response to COVID-19 has ensured that in-person teaching has remained as uninterrupted as possible. 

Here is a behind-the-scenes of our efforts to make our University as COVID-19-safe as possible:

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have administered close to 40,000 tests in Segovia and Madrid:

– 30,809 antigen tests;

– 4,856 serological tests;

– 1,050 rapid flow tests; and

– 1,024 PCR tests. 

We carried out a record 4,333 tests in only eight days after the 2021 Easter break to ensure that a return to face-to-face teaching would be as seamless as possible.

The results 

A university is not a university without its students. We are delighted to say that, thanks to our testing and We Are Ready protocols, life at IE University has resumed and our campuses are now fully operational. As of April 21, there have been over 56,000 in-person classes since June 2020, with an average of 2000 individuals physically attending classes every month. As of April 21, there have been over 56,000 in-person classes since June 2020, with an average of 2000 individuals physically attending classes every month. 

What’s more, over 800 master’s participants were able to graduate in the last academic year—that’s 1777 in July and 638 in December 2020, respectively. We are certain that our alumni are ready to take on any challenge in their future, and we look forward to welcoming our new intakes. 

New innovations

Our entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to technology is reflected in our response to the pandemic. We have not only met the baseline health requirements set out by the Spanish Government, we have also gone above and beyond to ensure your experience is as fluid, immersive and innovative as possible. 

We reviewed and redesigned our physical facilities to ensure that these were as safe as possible. Thermographic cameras were installed at the entrances to campus buildings to monitor visitors’ temperature and alert the medical staff of any irregularities that could signal a positive case of COVID-19. Changes were also made to classrooms to limit their capacity as well as the movement of people throughout the spaces.

Testing and prevention

In September 2020, we launched our COVID-19 Tracer Web App for anyone who attended in-person teaching. Prior to arrival, students took an antibody test, which could be organized via the app. In addition, all members of the IE University community are required to update the app on an ongoing basis to alert medical staff to any symptoms or participation in a high-risk, off-campus event.

This centralized system means that we can rapidly respond to your needs and remain flexible to any changes. 

We know that this year has been personally challenging for everyone. That’s why we established the COVID-19 Support Office (CSO). This office provides personalized assistance and guidance to students during these difficult times, ensuring you are fully supported throughout your studies. 

Liquid Learning

One of our proudest achievements has been the launch of our Liquid Learning model in May 2020. The model combines state-of-the-art-technology with both digital and physical teaching environments to bring a truly immersive experience to all our community—one that does not compromise on the quality of education, but actually enriches it. 

Recorded classes, interactive screens and chat rooms make up just a few of the new features that are now connecting over 7,000 students online. At IE University, diversity is at our core, and so this interactive hybrid model has helped connect our University members, wherever they may be. 

The pandemic has tried its best to isolate us. However, thanks to the immense efforts of our community, IE University has never felt more connected. We’re ready. Are you?