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IE University’s Liquid Learning seamlessly blends virtual and face-to-face education to prepare students for the realities of today’s rapidly changing professional landscape.

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As the structure of our world changes, our lives have become entirely hybrid. We can communicate with someone in person while simultaneously messaging another on the other side of the globe. With our smartphones, we are able to compare the price of an item in Asia with a price tag in a local shop. Today’s capabilities are even more evident in the world of work, where video calls fuse seamlessly with in-person meetings and conference calls, and integrated online calendars tie all of these together.

At IE University, we have been pioneering these innovative methodologies for over 20 years, culminating in our signature Liquid Learning model that embraces our world’s most cutting-edge capabilities. By skillfully breaking down barriers to hybrid education, the Liquid Learning model means that wherever you are in the world, you will gain access to the full IE University experience.

Beyond the tech

The Liquid Learning model is made possible through cutting-edge technology, but the success of this innovative framework goes far beyond the tech. We welcome students and faculty members from over 140 nationalities. Although some are present on campus and some have a virtual presence, all are equally involved in the IE University community. This diversity directly feeds into our global alumni network, which also features strong partnerships across the business world. With such a diverse student base and direct links to frontline businesses, our programs are consistently updated to mirror current trends and adapt to tomorrow’s challenges.

What to expect in a Liquid Learning experience

In our Liquid Learning classrooms, some students are physically present and others are connected remotely, visible on the screens in the room. Professors use interactive whiteboards, PowerPoint, videos and other resources to connect and stimulate all the students, while speaking and writing on an online chat platform.

Polls, breakouts, role plays and more are all used to fully include all students, and professors monitor student progress and make sure to engage and support all participants. There are forums, simulations, group projects and individual assignments, with feedback both from peers and one-on-one feedback from the professor.

Knowledge and experience We research, source and continually update the most varied and comprehensive knowledge for our students. Learning becomes more profound through our state-of-the-art teaching, and students gain comprehensive experience in diverse skills environments. These environments include real work experience with our partners, technological practice and dynamic social interaction. The overall effect is highly engaging and promotes learning. As Greta Ynglada, a Dual Degree in Business Administration and Data & Business Analytics student describes it:

“Liquid Learning is very balanced and allows me to focus more in class. I enjoy learning through this method and hope it will continue in the future.”

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Better interaction and participation

In any program, the amount students put in determines how much they can take out. The Liquid Learning model creates the optimum environment for meaningful interaction, empowering professors and students through calls, video chats, and even individualized messaging options. This creates a comfortable, inclusive setting where even the most introverted students can participate openly in the manner of their choice. When asked about this aspect of the program, the International MBA and Big Data & Analytics student, Wilhelm Robert Stahlke IV, summed up the main benefit perfectly, saying, “The breakout rooms mean shy people can ask questions using the chat function, directly to their professor.”

Controlling your journey

Through Liquid Learning, you have the power to decide which paths to take on your learning journey. We offer you more variety, more possibilities and more scope to learn many different subjects in depth and pursue what actually interests you. With companies looking for innovative, tech-savvy professionals who know what they want, we prepare you for the career of your dreams.

International scale

Liquid Learning allows the faculty to teach up to 2,500 students in approximately 100 countries at a time. Modules are specially adapted so that students in Spain and abroad can share classes, ideas and thoughts. As IE University Student Andrea Baena puts it, “IE has really adapted and created a schedule that works for both students in Spain and for students living abroad.”

María Eduarda Sotomayor, an IE University Student from Ecuador, expands on the benefits of truly international education, highlighting the top learning experience available regardless of location.

“By implementing Liquid Learning, students who are not able to come to Segovia or Madrid for many different reasons are not in a disadvantaged position. Instead, they have the same opportunities as everyone else by having interactive and productive participation in class.”

Experience life, not just study.

At IE University, there is a huge emphasis on community. Our students benefit from a rich and diverse social and cultural life during their time with us, and much of this is in a Liquid format too, so those studying virtually don’t miss out. All of our students have something different to bring to the table, and through these experiences, students develop a well-rounded knowledge of the whole world, as well as improving their intercultural skills.

Liquid Learning provides a realistic mix of online and real-world learning experiences, which prepare students for the modern world of work. We mirror these systems, while offering the best teaching, to equip them with all the tools they need to succeed.

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