Do you want to lead teams and make a meaningful impact in the future of business? Our wide range of programs help you build advanced leadership and talent development skills.

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Welcome to the dynamic world of talent development and human resources, where leadership and technical skills hold the key to business success. A degree in this field offers exciting career prospects in a wide variety of industries.

A closer look at the Master in Talent Development & Human Resources

The Master in Talent Development & Human Resources is a learning experience designed for HR professionals looking to lead workplace transformation centered on people and organizational culture. As key players in any organization, these professionals must develop the ability to understand and promote company objectives while nurturing individual talent. This 10-month, full-time program offers a curated blend of theoretical and practical learning.

Tech is rapidly changing the way people work and live, so staying on top of the latest HR technologies provides our students with the knowledge and skills required in today’s labor market. As such, the Master in Talent Development & Human Resources is structured around three core pillars: Strategic Business Insights, People Management Skills, and HR and AI Technology Knowledge.

The Strategic Business Insights pillar equips graduates with the skills needed to align HR initiatives with wider business objectives. People Management cultivates the interpersonal and managerial capabilities requisite in impactful HR professionals. And HR and AI Technology delivers expertise in using the latest tools and technology to enhance both people and processes.

“The traditional view of technology as a substitute or supplement for human labor is too narrow. Moving forward, you need to harness technologies that help your people and teams become the best possible versions of themselves.” –Deloitte

Designed to help you reimagine and reinvent the workplace, this program will show you how to put people first without losing sight of your organization’s objectives. That is because of our highly experienced faculty, who include a broad range of top professionals in HR, people analytics, recruiting, diversity, leadership, business and other areas.

Unlock a wealth of career opportunities

Thanks to our strong, ongoing relationship with top industry professionals, our students have the opportunity to experience the real world of work while still in the classroom. Challenges, consulting projects and multimedia simulations allow them to apply their knowledge as they go.

As a result, they graduate from our Master in Talent Development & Human Resources with a broad, practical skill set, ready to embark on myriad career paths in a wide range of industries, including consulting, technology, financial services and luxury & retail. Those looking for roles in human resources, consulting, marketing or sales often find themselves swimming in a sea of opportunity.

Here’s a snapshot of the various job titles that graduates of our 2022 class now hold:

• Business analyst
• Campus recruiter
• Career development specialist
• Workforce transformation consultant
• GenO consultant
• Global benefits management consultant
• HR transformation junior consultant
• Human resources assistant
• Placement coordinator
• Diversity and inclusion coordinator
• Research assistant
• Sustainability recruiter
• Talent researcher
• Communications lead

IE Business School helped me to gain a different perspective. I can now adopt the mindset of a consultant when it comes to analyzing challenges faced by organizations. The networking opportunities also helped me to understand a lot about business within different industries. –Minu Nair, Master in Talent Development & Human Resources alum

Within the program, the employability of our graduates is excellent. From agile startups to multinational corporations—and everything in between—they are highly in demand by the world’s leading employers. Historically, the top hiring companies for our graduates and alumni feature recognizable names like Amazon, BCG, Deloitte, Ferrero, L’Oréal, Manpower Group, McKinsey & Company, Norad, Oracle and many more.

Data from the class of 2022 proves our graduates’ impact in the workforce:

100% of job seekers received a job offer within three months of graduation.
• Top jobs by function are human resources (79%) and consulting (11%).
• Top sectors are consulting (35%), industrial (15%), international development & social impact (15%), and consumer, luxury & retail (15%).

Career resources, tailored for you

Our commitment to our students’ success is reaffirmed every day through the dedicated efforts of IE Talent & Careers. Led by Fabiola Morales, the senior associate director, this team is in charge of providing comprehensive support for students—including those in the Master in Talent Development & Human Resources. The tailored career advising flow ensures that they develop a solid foundation for professional success from their earliest days of the program. IE Talent & Careers doesn’t just help students define their unique career paths, it guides them throughout their professional journeys.

The business side of Leadership & Talent Development

That said, the Master in Talent Development & Human Resources is just one of several programs we offer in Leadership & Talent Development. Our range of executive MBA programs include the:

Executive MBA
Global Executive MBA
IE Brown Executive MBA

In today’s dynamic business environment, where innovation and disruption are the only constant, the role of executives has evolved into one of strategic agility and visionary leadership. To excel at this level, executives must possess a blend of deep business acumen, adaptability and an unwavering commitment to driving success.

For aspiring leaders who want to enter the business world or even rise to the C-suite and beyond, IE Business School is a hub of opportunity, offering curated learning along with exceptional career guidance. Through the school’s holistic approach, business and talent professionals are empowered to navigate the complexities of the modern business world and emerge as transformative leaders.

We want to see our students achieve all their career goals. That’s why we offer career services from the moment they enroll, throughout the program and even after graduation, where students can gain valuable support in their self-discovery process, expediting their labor-market readiness and helping them take full advantage of their professional potential.

Throughout the program, we offer impactful advising, learning resources and development tools that will help students manage and reach their professional goals.

Coaching benefits offered by IE Busines School’s Executive MBAs

IE Business School offers a variety of coaching benefits to its Executive MBA participants, which are designed to help participants develop their leadership and career skills and to achieve their professional goals.

IE Business School’s Executive MBA coaching benefits include:

One-on-one coaching sessions with experienced coaches from Zenger Folkman, IECA or Korn Ferry*.
• Group coaching sessions on leadership, communication, career development and more.
• Access to a variety of online resources, including articles, videos and assessments.
• The opportunity to participate in a global coaching network of IE Alumni and other professionals.

IE Business School’s Executive MBA coaching benefits are available to all participants from the first day of classes. Participants can use the coaching services as often as needed, and they can work with their coach to develop a personalized plan to help them achieve their goals.

*Coaching sessions with Zenger Folkman and IECA are available for our Executive MBA students. Coaching sessions with Korn Ferry are available for students of the Global Executive MBA and IE Brown MBA.

A personalized pathway to executive excellence 

“Our Executive MBA program range is designed to provide a transformative learning experience that aligns with our students’ unique aspirations and career goals.”

Navigating career paths in leadership, talent development and HR

Throughout their journey, they work closely with an executive coach and a career coach who dispense invaluable mentorship and tailored advice. We collaborate with world-renowned coaching organizations to make this happen, including IECA, Korn Ferry and The Extraordinary Leader.

1. Sharpen your strategic skills for executive impact

Our executive MBA programs go beyond theoretical frameworks, immersing participants in real-world business scenarios. In doing so, they equip learners with the practical skills required to thrive at the executive level. In the Executive MBA, students tackle real business challenges with top companies such as BSH Hausgeräte, Endesa, the European Space Agency (ESA) and Santander. This hands-on approach enhances their decision-making and leadership abilities, as evidenced in the evolution of their career paths both during and after the program.

2. Worldwide opportunities for company visits 

Exclusive to students of the Global Executive MBA, our residential periods take place at four universities across three continents: IE Business School, the University of Oxford, Singapore Management University (SMU) and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In addition, our company visits initiative provides unique insight into top organizations around the world, where students visit different companies in these global hubs, exploring their successes and applying them to their own learning.

3. Exclusive speaker series

We support our students as lifelong learners with exclusive masterclasses and VIP speaker series tailored for Executive MBA students and alumni. After each session, participants enjoy a networking cocktail event where they can connect with peers and the speaker of the day.

4. Join the best in their fields

As part of the IE Community, our students have numerous opportunities to regularly engage with leading thinkers and practitioners from diverse fields through talks, seminars, workshops and dynamic guest interviews.

5. Fostering connections for success 

A professional network is your most important asset in the business world. That’s why we provide a unique platform for connecting with diverse, accomplished professionals from around the globe. The IE Alumni network spans multiple industries and countries, offering a wealth of knowledge and support as our students embark on their executive journey. 

Career outcomes

Graduates of our executive MBA programs typically pursue a variety of career paths, including:

• C-suite positions

Our graduates are well-positioned for C-level roles. These positions require strong leadership skills, strategic thinking and financial acumen, which these programs are designed to develop.

• Functional leadership roles

They can also advance to senior-level positions within their functional areas, including marketing, operations, finance and human resources. These roles require a deep understanding of their respective fields and the ability to manage and lead teams effectively.

• Industry transitions

By completing one of our executive MBA programs, students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to transition into new industries. For instance, a marketing professional with an Executive MBA might shift into a consulting role or a general manager position in a different industry.

Our graduates find jobs in a wide variety of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized and large corporations, to consulting firms, startups, government agencies and non-profit organizations. These are some of the most common positions they hold:

• Chief executive officer (CEO)
• Chief financial officer (CFO)
• Chief operating officer (COO)
• Chief marketing officer (CMO)
• Chief technology officer (CTO)
• Business unit president
• Regional manager
• Vice president of operations
• Director of marketing
• Senior financial analyst

The new era of leadership and talent development

As the business world continues to evolve, so will the expectations placed on corporate leaders and executives. Those who know how to adapt to change and pivot in the face of emerging trends will reap the benefits of the opportunities ahead. Luckily, our wide range of programs in Leadership & Talent Development will provide ambitious, forward-thinking professionals the tools necessary to forge their own path to success.

If you’d like to learn more about the careers and opportunities our pathway has to offer, contact us at