Global Executive MBA

Four top international institutions. One Executive MBA.
In today’s business climate, simply understanding conventional business concepts isn’t enough. To become a leader of change, you need to develop innovative perspectives that go beyond the traditional MBA.

IE Business School’s Global Executive MBA is an international, top-ranked program for global business leaders. Our five face-to-face residential weeks span three continents—America, Europe and Asia—providing our students with valuable and actionable insights on today’s most important economic regions. This firsthand experience alongside interactive online classes will give you a truly global vision of the modern business world.

Our prestigious partner institutions, UCLA, SMU and the Center for the Governance of Change join forces with our own top-tier faculty to challenge your global strategy capabilities, and equip you with the tools for C-suite success.

The Global Executive MBA turns proven experience into continued success. Its Blended Methodology combines interactive online periods with face-to-face classes around the world, allowing well-established professionals to participate in this intensive 15-month program. Our students can easily incorporate program learnings into their daily business practices, immediately impacting their own work environment. Your company needs change—let it begin with you.

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Learn how international business is done from the confines of a classroom—or go to the country and experience it firsthand. Our five residential weeks take place in four cities, immersing you in the business climate of each region.

Gain in depth and up-close insights on the global business landscape in Madrid, London, Singapore and Los Angeles.


Channel your skills and experience to develop disruptive ideas, launch an innovative venture or transform your company’s trajectory. As a top tier, international business school, we provide the complete toolkit to become a disruptive leader, propelling your career to the next level.


Enhance and expand your global network at our top business school during residential weeks in Spain, Singapore, England and the US. You will have immediate access to IE Business School’s network of 60,000+ alumni who are making waves as disruptive leaders in over 140 countries.


The Global Executive MBA is international by nature, with faculty and classmates from all over the world. Inspirational faculty members from the prestigious academic institutions IE, UCLA, SMU and the Center for the Governance of Change come together to provide exclusive insight into the reality of business.


Adapt the program to your personal and professional life through IE Business School’s Blended Methodology. Our virtual campus is an innovative, state-of-the-art virtual classroom that can be accessed anywhere in the world. With 15 years’ experience as leaders in online learning, we’ve excelled at balancing world-class education with professional obligations.


Thanks to our partnerships with top universities on three continents, our 15-month Global Executive MBA program includes more than five weeks of in-person classes in some of the world’s most prestigious business hot spots.

● Madrid (IE Business School): September 19–30, 2022 (opening session)
● London (IE Center for the Governance of Change): January 8–14, 2023
● Singapore (Singapore Management University) : February 19–25, 2023
● Los Angeles (UCLA Anderson School of Management): July 23–29, 2023
● Madrid (IE Business School): December 6–15, 2023 (last module & graduation)
UCLA | IE Business School


The UCLA Anderson School of Management offers you a unique insight into the business culture of North America and its global impact. UCLA professors will guide you through today’s fast-changing business climate, incorporating important lessons and success stories.

SMU | IE Business School


Singapore has become the powerhouse of the Asia-Pacific region—and Singapore Management University is one of its top universities. You will learn first-hand from top professors how to become a change-maker and leader, driving innovative business decisions.

IE Center for the Governance of Change | IE Business School

Center for the Governance of Change

The IE Center for the Governance of Change is an applied-research, educational institution that studies the political, economic and societal implications of the current technological revolution and advances solutions to overcome its unwanted effects.

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Global Executive MBA - IE Rankings

Get to know more about our Global Executive MBA placement in international rankings.

  • 9th

    Executive MBA (Global)

    QS 2022
  • 13th

    Executive MBA (Global)

    QS 2022
  • 14th

    Executive MBA

    Financial Times, 2021
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Part-time at IE Business School

As a high-level professional, your life is a seamless mix of in-person meetings and online collaboration. That’s why we provide an education that works like you do. It’s not just online. It’s not just on campus. It’s blended.

The blended-learning approach combines world-class faculty, top-of-the-line technology and cutting-edge teaching practices to produce a dynamic learning experience in a multi-faceted environment. The virtual campus and WOW Room represent the front line of modern learning, featuring collaborative, faculty-led forums and sessions that are accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection.

On the virtual campus, you collaborate with other global professionals in small, interactive groups, working on real-world, industry-based case studies. In between these workshops, you participate in the weekly faculty-led sessions from Monday to Thursday—at the time that suits you best. These interactive discussions about chosen topics are insightfully guided by our world-class professors to achieve the desired learning objectives.

The WOW Room takes virtual learning to a new level, enhancing the traditional classroom experience with technological ingenuity and unrivaled flexibility. Connect to live sessions with our expert faculty to engage in real-time discussions and debates, allowing you to effectively collaborate with your classmates, no matter where you are in the world.

Where our Global Executive MBA students work

At IE Business School, our students represent some of the world’s leading corporations as CEOs, co-founders, directors, vice presidents, board members and established executives. Here are just a few examples of where our alumni are making an impact.
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Nestlé
  • Citigroup
  • PWC
  • P&G
  • IBM
  • Deloitte
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Accenture
  • Vodafone
  • Coca Cola
  • Qatar Airways
  • Google
  • Bvulgari


Students must fulfill the following requirements to be able to request the issuance of the Official University Degree upon completion of the Master Program.

Students will also receive a Certificate from UCLA Anderson School of Management and Singapore Management University upon completion of each international module.

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"Just like kids going back to school, we started crawling our way through the online session[s]...each topic was “ripped apart” by my classmates. Creative ideas and very interesting perspectives were enriched by the great and diverse experiences of my colleagues, which made the learning experience even better than face-to-face at times."
"Unlike face-to-face classroom discussions, online posting is more challenging, yet it gave me an avenue to develop the skill of thinking, composing ideas and responding in a brief and concise manner that can communicate to a global audience."
"The fact that you are part of a global management team while you learn leadership skills across geography, cultures and unimaginable world time-zones is second to none. Statistics confirm that distance learning represents the future because of the way that it perfectly mirrors how multinational corporations are running."

FAQs about IE's Global Executive MBA

Q: How many hours of study are required per week for the Global Executive MBA?

A: On average, students dedicate between 20 to 30 hours per week to the program, including time spent working in the forums, group work and individual readings. It’s recommended that students allocate 2 to 4 hours per day to the program.

Q: How can executives with 50-60 hr weeks complete this program?

A: While demanding, our Global Executive MBA is tailored to working executives. For this reason, students can access our online forums thorugh their smartphones or tablets, providing them with the flexibility to manage their workload on the go, whether it be commuting to work, taking a lunch break or traveling across the globe. By the time they reach graduation, our students are the most effective time managers.

Q: How are students evaluated during the MBA?

A: Academic evaluation is based on three pillars:

– Class participation: During forum discussions and videoconferences, students are evaluated on an ongoing basis. Every bit of contribution, whether it be written or spoken, is considered.

– Individual assignments: Students will be asked to participate in quizzes, individual papers or evaluated homework.

– Group assignments: As a part of a small team, students will have to prepare presentations, research or papers, which are all evaluated.

Q: What degree will I receive after completing this program?

A: Upon completion of the Global Executive MBA, the official degree awarded is a Master of Business Administration (the word online or Blended will not be mentioned on your diploma) by IE University, which entitles you to future developments such as a PhD. Students who complete the GXMBA are awarded the same degree as those students who complete full-time programs at IE.

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