Programs in our Law, International Affairs & Public Policy pathway prepare you for a fulfilling career where you can make your impact in making the world a better place.

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Our Law, International Affairs & Public Policy pathway is about justice, equality and solving global challenges. As the world changes through technological advancements and globalization, we need leaders who can fearlessly move forward, adapt and make positive changes for the greater good. From tackling climate change initiatives to understanding the political and social implications of our rapidly changing digital environments, a career in law, international affairs and public policy can help you discover how to fight for justice with a clear sense of purpose.

Our graduates go on to a range of impactful careers. Some of our top employers include PwC, Allen & Overy, Amazon, Santander and UNESCO, among others.

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Master’s programs that ready you for the realities of an evolving globalized landscape

Technology and globalization have changed the legal and international affairs sectors forever. To produce the professionals that the sector needs, legal and international affairs education has to evolve too.

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Our programs are specifically designed to prepare students for the realities they’ll face in the sector, familiarizing them with cutting-edge tech and providing the extensive practical experience they’ll need.

What’s more, our programs place students in front of the leading sector players, providing unrivaled networking and internship opportunities.

Master of Laws (LL.M.)
This program imparts the next-generation skills, knowledge and international perspective students will need to work in the legal, industrial, consulting or educational sectors. It offers four specialization options; International Business Law, Intellectual Property and Technology Law, International Dispute Resolution and International Taxation.

Master in International Legal Studies (LL.M.)
A study of the different areas of international and comparative law, including economic and human rights laws, this program is designed to prepare students for an impactful legal career in pursuit of a more sustainable future. It addresses the evolution of international law in response to tech and globalization and offers students the choice of specializing in International Economic Law or Human Rights in the Digital Society.

Master in International Relations
This program trains professionals in the dynamics of international affairs, providing an experiential journey that offers the tools and practical knowledge to lead government agencies, civil society and multilateral organizations and corporations alike. Three specialized tracks allow students to focus on what matters most to them from Geopolitics and Diplomacy; International Economics and Business; or Global Governance and International Cooperation.

Master in International Development 
The Master in International Development is designed for individuals who are interested in entering the world of international development, or who want to move a step above their current position by improving the way they work and enhancing their skills. The program prepares students for whatever route they choose, whether it is in the public, private or nonprofit sectors. Our top recruiting companies include the United Nations, EY and UNICEF, among others.

Máster en Asesoría Fiscal de Empresas
This program offers a holistic and realistic vision of the tax, legal and business world that allows students to develop both their tax and legal skills, as well the other essential tax advising skills. The program imparts knowledge of the different national and international tax systems and a complete business education through the Certificado en Fundamentos de Gestión Empresarial issued by IE Business School.

Doble Máster en Abogacía y Procura + Asesoría Jurídica de Empresas (LL.M.)
This Spanish dual degree provides solid preparation for people who want to practice law, with the added value of specialization in business consultancy. Multidisciplinary, it imparts in-depth knowledge in the provision of legal advice to companies and offers access to the entrance exam to the legal profession in Spain. Students complete a Capstone Project in collaboration with renowned international law firm Baker McKenzie.

Doble Máster en Abogacía y Procura + Asesoría Fiscal de Empresas (LL.M.)
This dual degree in Spanish provides rigorous fiscal and tax training while preparing you to pass the entrance exam to the legal profession. It takes a broad approach to the legal, tax and corporate world, complementing legal and tax subjects with advanced knowledge of business management and the digital environment that are essential for practicing tax consultancy at the highest level.

Doble Máster en Abogacía y Procura + Asesoría en Derecho Digital y de la Tecnología (LL.M.)
This program is a multidisciplinary, Spanish dual degree that provides you with a solid legal training alongside preparing you to deal with the most complex cases related to tech or tech-resource deployment. Students gain a global understanding of business and a broad command of specific areas such as data protection, intellectual property and technology law. This can be complemented with IE Business School’s Certificado en Fundamentos de Gestión Empresarial accreditation.

Providing holistic growth, inside and outside the classroom

The ecosystem at IE University is about so much more than outstanding academic learning. From day one, we guide you in choosing, launching and succeeding in your chosen career, with personalized advice, access to our global network of corporate and institutional partners, events, resources and more.

• Events, conferences and competitions—like Moot Courts, Model UN, Global Legaltech Venture Days and more—provide access to and real-world experience of the world’s legal and geopolitical ecosystem.

• We provide unparalleled access to internship opportunities. 100% of students in our legal and international affairs programs complete an internship, 95% of which are paid.

• IE Law School closely collaborates with more than 280 of the most important firms and companies, both nationally and internationally, helping them find the talent they need.

• IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs partners with global organizations including the OECD, United Nations System Staff College, SciencesPo and more, giving students access to exchange programs, competitions and internships.


The IE Talent & Careers department is on a mission to guide and empower our community of students and alumni in their career journey. Our growing team works closely with more than 1,800 international recruiters to connect the right talent with the right opportunities. IE Talent & Careers is committed to the success of our students and our partner companies.

We organize many career workshops and events designed to help students land the job of their dreams. Our dedicated careers team will assist you in defining your very own career strategy via personalized career advising sessions. The IE Career Portal provides a curated collection of resources and exclusive job offers. The bi-annual Talent Forum is the largest of our recruiting events, which brings together top companies actively recruiting for positions matching our students’ profiles.

The incredible variety of events held at IE University allows students to engage with companies at an unparalleled level. In 2022, we hosted more than 180 virtual and physical events with recruiting partners, including:

• Talent Forums
• Company presentations
• Interviews and assessment centers
• Panels
• Workshops
• Conferences
• Networking activities with IE University Clubs

For students of law, international affairs & public policy, we have forums dedicated to those seeking jobs in the field of law or in international organizations, such as the Intergovernmental Organizations Day and Sustainability Day. During these events, representatives from top institutions engage with our students in a panel discussion, Q&A and job fair. It offers an exciting opportunity to learn from industry insiders and network with future employers.

Finding purpose and creating a bright future

Students from our Law, International Affairs and Public Policy pathway are in high demand with leading employers around the world.

ie law school graduates recruited by top firms

They can be found working at the UN, the Big4 law firms, Pérez-Llorca, Ontier, the European Parliament, Microsoft, the World Economic Forum and many other of the world’s most sought-after employers. They work in every specialist area of the legal industry, and a broad range of sectors and industries outside of law.

Whatever professional path our students choose, our programs provide the skill set and practical, hands-on experience that they need to succeed and create positive change. In a rapidly changing world, you’ll emerge as a confident and future-thinking individual, who is ready to tackle complex global challenges and provide innovative solutions to some of the biggest issues that our society is facing.