The IE Brown Executive MBA brings two world-class institutions together to offer a transformative leadership experience that nurtures global change-makers.

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Through a collaboration with Brown University and IE Business School, we give our students a truly global experience. Our diverse and international community provides transformative opportunities that open professional doors worldwide. We are proud to partner with various top institutions to create unique programs, offering an unmatched learning experience that propels careers forward.

The IE Brown Executive MBA is an innovative program developed by IE Business School and Brown University. It offers an interdisciplinary approach that combines business acumen with a humanistic perspective. Ranked the 6th best Executive MBA joint program worldwide, it highlights the development of business leadership while advancing students’ business knowledge and nurturing their potential as global leaders to drive positive impact.

Bringing a humanistic approach to business

By combining our strengths in business and humanities education, IE Business School and Brown University have designed a one-of-a-kind program. More than just a two-dimensional look at the business world, the IE Brown Executive MBA imparts crucial awareness and insight into the societal impact of business activity. This program is specially designed to build upon your existing business framework while strengthening your leadership capacity to better serve your people, your organization and the planet. You’ll be supported by world-renowned faculty from both institutions, who will guide you through a transformational experience to help you discover how business can be the vehicle for a better future.

Thanks to the global reputation of both institutions, program participants appreciate the opportunity to learn from both an Ivy League university and a world-class business school. “It’s valuable to have a combination of perspectives from Brown and IE Business School,” comments Reza Breakstone, associate attorney at Breakstone, White & Gluck, P.C. and current student in the program.

Integrating a focus on both hard and soft skills, participants also develop a broad, interdisciplinary view that shapes them into forward-thinking leaders with the strategic foresight to drive positive change. Michelle Johnson, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of CommonSpirit Health and Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of Henry Ford Health, highlights the positive impact that building a varied skill set will have on her career: “My goal is to run a company at some point and so I will use these skills around emotional intelligence, my financial acumen, public speaking expertise and the leadership skills that we focus on throughout the program to be a better leader.”

Perspectives from all four corners of the globe

During the IE Brown Executive MBA, students cross continents as part of its fully global experience. Over 15 months, they combine online study with regular residential periods at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, Brown University in Providence, the US, and Cape Town in South Africa, where they complete a business immersion experience in a real-world setting.

The online portion of the IE Brown Executive MBA includes video lectures and forum discussions, ensuring that our students are always connected. However, every stage of the program brings diverse and rich input from a range of experts—something that is crucial for developing well-rounded thought leaders. “You have to have a multitude of perspectives and you have to have a multitude of people teaching you,” says Reza.

Program participants place great value on the diverse backgrounds of their classmates.

“The most rewarding part has been the cohort and getting to know people from all over the world from very different businesses, all of whom share a goal of learning more and expanding their careers.” – Kevin Beggs

Student perspectives inside the IE Brown Executive MBA

As with any executive program, all participants come with an already rich professional profile and a wealth of international experience, which they can share with their peers. “We have colleagues who do a fair amount of travel on our team, so we learn from the different geographies they may be living or working in,” Michelle explains.

A transformative learning experience

The IE Brown Executive MBA is a safe space for like-minded individuals, encouraging collaboration while delivering a unique, personalized learning journey. Michelle shares that her program experience so far has significantly contributed to her professional growth.

Student perspectives inside the IE Brown Executive MBA

“This has really been a leadership journey for me, so being able to capitalize on every opportunity to learn from my colleagues and the professors has been most meaningful.” – Michelle Johnson

According to Reza, what stands out is the transformation that participants undergo during the program.

“Be prepared to work but more importantly, be prepared to have a life-changing, incredible experience.” –Reza Breakstone

Student perspectives inside the IE Brown Executive MBA

“It’s hands down the place to be. If you want that global experience, this is the program for you.”

Whatever their path, students of the IE Brown Executive MBA emerge with the confidence, skills, and mindset to become tomorrow’s forward-thinking, change-making leaders.

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