IE Law School’s multidisciplinary teaching methods provide a practical and business-led education that links directly with prospective career pathways. The master’s programs on offer give you the tools to go beyond borders and carve your own path.

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Today’s legal experts must have a global perspective to maintain a competitive edge in the fast moving field. The master’s and double master’s programs at IE Law School have internationality at their core, producing global law experts with the ability to problem solve and work outside of the traditional barriers of the market. To further enhance law students’ futures, IE Law School’s collaboration with BARBRI provides them with the skills to be able to practice law internationally—all the way from Europe to the United States.

BARBRI is the world’s leading legal training provider. Its technology-led program is designed to give candidates the tools necessary to legally practice law in their target country. What’s more, IE Law School’s recently expanded their collaboration with BARBRI, allowing the school to deliver its Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) prep courses.

The SQE is the legal examination that lawyers must pass to be able to practice law in England and Wales. Since 2021, this has replaced other legal examinations in these countries, meaning that the SQE will be one of the main hurdles for graduates wanting to become solicitors in the UK. The BARBRI course will allow students to confidently complete this exam.

Aside from SQE training, BARBRI offers prep courses to prepare students for the exams required to become qualified to practice law in the US. BARBRI’s Extended US Bar Exam Prep Program is specifically designed for non-US qualified lawyers, such as the law school’s Master of Laws (LL.M) graduates, to pass the California Bar Exam. With IE Law School and BARBRI, students can expand their horizons to the global playing field.

Opening doors with an international approach

Dedicated to giving their students a practical education that will help them succeed in their careers long after graduation, IE Law School takes global training to the next level. The programs are business focused, providing a direct link between hands-on academics and future employment opportunities. By providing holistic and comprehensive legal training through comparative law methodology, students are able to develop a more global legal vision.

The Master of Laws (LL.M.) uses a comparative approach which is designed to develop the mindsets of leaders in international law. With a perspective that crosses borders, graduates have advanced problem-solving skills that will be attractive to any prospective employer, no matter the country.

As the future of law is multidisciplinary, combining law, business and economics is part of IE Law School’s global training model. The Double Masters in Lawyering allows students to combine their knowledge of international law with other disciplines.

The IE Law School difference

What sets IE Law School apart from other law schools is its strong focus on business and corporate law. Students gain hands-on experience while benefiting from global approaches and a tech-forward perspective. Combining financial literacy with managerial knowledge, legal field graduates will be fully equipped to enter the fast-paced corporate world. With a world renowned faculty made up of industry leaders, students are exposed to insider insights from day one.

Business law is emphasized in IE Law School’s learning objectives, which is key for students’ professional trajectories. Teaching students skills that are directly related to their future careers will give them the upper hand as they begin practicing law across the globe. Also, technology plays a crucial role in this objective—students have the opportunity to explore the application of technological solutions that allow the provision of legal services through digital means.

Beyond the interdisciplinary skills, graduates will be able to practice their knowledge in an international context. Students have the opportunity to study US, UK and Welsh law, enabling them to practice law internationally. Understanding the complexities of more than one legal system is a rare asset that gives IE Law School’s candidates both a competitive edge and the ability to manage trans-border transactions and multijurisdictional issues.

The multidisciplinary approach is what sets IE Law School graduates apart from the rest. In collaboration with BARBRI’s prep courses, these future professionals will be prepared to practice international law in Europe and the US and become legal experts in their chosen field.