The Executive Master in International Development combines online and face-to-face learning, giving you the freedom to learn on your own terms.

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The Executive Master in International Development is a program for future global leaders who want to champion sustainable development. Designed around the UN 2.0 Quintent of Change, it equips you to tackle challenges related to the 2030 Agenda, effecting positive change globally.

What is the program’s format?

This is a blended program, meaning the Executive Master in International Development integrates the best of in-person learning with the flexibility of online classes.

The Executive Master in International Development format explained

Thanks to this versatile approach, you can balance your studies alongside your busy schedule and join classes wherever you are in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

During this 10-month program, you’ll attend three face-to-face periods. The first takes place in Madrid and the second in New York. The third is also conducted in Madrid, where you’ll graduate, but you can choose to attend this final period remotely if you wish.

How do I learn? 

You’ll learn through a combination of online and in-person sessions. 

The in-person sessions occur during our one-week residential periods in Madrid and New York. Think of these as the traditional classroom experience. 

Conversely, the online periods take place throughout terms one, two and three between these in-person sessions. 

Your online learning will be split between live video conferences and asynchronous forums led by our experienced faculty. You can connect to these forums any time between Monday and Thursday each week, whereas the video conferences are held on Saturdays. 

These virtual sessions are truly an extension of the Executive Master in International Development classroom. Through them, you have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with your professors and peers.

When and where are the residential periods? 

Every term, you’ll attend face-to-face classes in Madrid or New York, two global hubs for international development organizations.

Term 1: Madrid 

Spend a week in Madrid for enriching in-person classes and enjoy events like the Welcome Ceremony, skill-building workshops and networking events. 

Term 2: New York

Immerse yourself in what the Big Apple has to offer during your second residential period. Throughout this week, you’ll visit relevant organizations and attend networking events, academic workshops and seminars, and introductory sessions on your final project.

Term 3: Madrid

Join us for your third and final residential period in Madrid. This week will allow you to dive into the final pitch of your collaborative Applied Research Project, attend workshops and seminars and connect with peers during networking activities. As the program comes to an end, you’ll also prepare for graduation later in the week.

What does my schedule look like? 

Since the program combines in-person and online learning, it provides you with a lot of flexibility.

The Executive Master in International Development format explained

You can fit your education around your work schedule without putting potential career opportunities on hold. 

For instance, the virtual sessions offer a mixture of both live and asynchronous learning. This means that you can join an asynchronous discussion any time from Monday to Thursday. 

Then, on Saturdays, you’ll tune into the real-time video conferences alongside peers around the world. These conferences take place from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. CET on Saturdays.

A new level of flexibility

As long as you have an internet connection, how you structure your learning is up to you. The flexibility of the Executive Master in International Development is one of its greatest strengths—and we’ll teach you how to make the most of our approach before you get started.