Today’s leaders need more than management skills to thrive, and they’re turning to marketing and communications programs for the secrets to success.

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The internet has changed the face of marketing and communication forever. Brands can now reach you right where you are through social media and other digital platforms, but that also means that consumers have evolved, demanding much more exciting and collaborative forms of engagement than ever before. For these reasons, marketing professionals must develop strategic visions and know how to effectively communicate them in all channels.

The need for professionals to have a keen understanding of marketing and communication strategies has increased as quickly as the technological advancements that necessitate them. Marketing and communication professionals must be able to communicate their ideas, visions and drive strategies not only to their employees but also to their clients.

It’s a new day for marketing and communication

What’s become apparent in recent years is that marketing is much broader than previously understood. It’s not just who sells what the fastest. It is influence, relationship-building and value creation, all wrapped up in one: a way to shape perceptions, attitudes and behaviors in various spheres of personal and professional life. 

This new paradigm requires an innovative program such as the Executive Master in Strategic Marketing and Communication to prepare industry professionals for the future.

Designed for creative and business-minded visionaries, it equips students to propel business growth via branding, communication and reputation management.

Top 5 reasons to study an Executive Master in Strategic Marketing and Communication

Effective in the real world

When thinking about which program to study at IE Business School, here are some reasons why you should consider the Executive Master in Strategic Marketing and Communication:

  1. Upskill for change

Upskilling should be a vital concern for any mid-career professional. Today, the job landscape for marketing and communication specialists is changing at a fast pace. For one, companies all over the world are rapidly adopting digital transformation, increasing the demand for candidates skilled in digital communication and content marketing.

What’s more, modern consumers are increasingly tech-savvy consumers, calling for greater innovation and new forms of media that keep up with their ever-changing consumption patterns. The traditional way of doing things just doesn’t cut it anymore, and wise, forward-thinking professionals understand the importance of gaining new knowledge and skills in order to adapt to change.

  1. Beyond the marketing department

They say public speaking is a lost art—and a quick look at the news cycle will show you exactly why. That’s just one example that proves that the utility of well-honed marketing and communication skills extends beyond ad agencies. Any leadership position today involves much more than staff management or the ability to navigate boardroom politics; it calls for a well-rounded set of capabilities that encompasses strategic thinking, stakeholder management, storytelling and an ability to sway popular opinion.

What this means is that the Executive Master in Strategic Marketing and Communication can be a valuable tool for anyone with ambitions to climb up the C-suite. Previous cohorts of the program have included profiles from a wide range of unexpected industries and sectors, including economics, engineering, design and many more.

  1. International from the start

Any successful marketing and communication professional will tell you that results hinge on relationships. So, just imagine what you could do with a network that extends all over the globe! Whether you’ve hit a plateau at your current job or you want to explore the latest advancements in the field,

Top 5 reasons to study an Executive Master in Strategic Marketing and Communication

connecting with peers with different backgrounds, perspectives and worldviews will give you the insights you need to accelerate your progress.

Not to mention that building an international profile will expand your job prospects. Through the Executive Master in Strategic Marketing and Communication, you’ll collaborate with world-leading companies that might give you your next big break. Your classmates, on the other hand, represent another valuable pool of potential employers, employees or business partners.

  1. The perfect recipe for growth

This program adopts a blended format, which simply means you can study part-time while you work. Classes are delivered both online and face-to-face in regular sessions, allowing you maximum flexibility. Academic rigor is our standard, but we also make it easier for you to manage your career, family and life in general alongside your studies.

These face-to-face sessions take place in three residential periods in Madrid. Only the first and third are mandatory, but it’s a good idea to participate in all, as they are valuable opportunities to meet and network with your classmates. You will also visit Segovia during the second in-person period for several beneficial classes and workshops.

  1. Raise the bar

Studying while you work gives you more than just flexibility.

Top 5 reasons to study an Executive Master in Strategic Marketing and Communication

It allows you to apply your learnings immediately to your organization. You’ll see the efficacy of this new-found knowledge and practical skills in real-time and be able to measure the progressive improvements in your operations and processes.

Will you make the move?

If you’re excited about the future of this industry and want to be on the front lines of its continuing evolution, then the Executive Master in Strategic Marketing and Communication could be your best bet to reach your goals. It doesn’t just promise new insights and technical expertise but also a chance to transform yourself into an impactful driver of engagement, digital reach and growth.