Center for Health, Well-being and Happiness

IE Center for Health, Well-Being and Happiness

From the classroom to the workplace, modern life poses many difficult challenges. It is our belief that higher education must provide important life skills for individuals not only to survive, but to thrive amidst these challenges.

Our mission

To give students, staff and alumni of IE University the skills necessary to help them study, live and work at their very best. The Center takes a scientifically grounded and holistic approach to enhancing performance and happiness through simple, practical and sustainable educational programs.

The modern-day rat race

We live in an “always-on” world in which there is no end to deadlines and due dates, and we are pulled in every direction by the constant alerts and notifications we receive from our digital devices.

It often seems impossible to find even a few moments to reflect, to exercise, to rejuvenate... before we engage in the next task, challenge, or interruption.

And while technology offers us new ways to collaborate, co-study, and co-work – collaboration often happens in very competitive environments in which the need to perform feels increasingly important – from good grades and extra-curricular successes in school, to salary raises and job promotions in the workplace.

It’s a wild and exhilarating world in which we live, but it can also leave us feeling stressed, exhausted and not performing at our best.