Kelsey Krach

“Allow yourself to fit into more than one box.” Kelsey Krach, alumna of the Master in Visual and Digital Media, is a woman of many talents. All the various facets of her skill set come together in her current role at Fearless, a software development company in Baltimore. A designer at core, she uses her talents to create a disruptive social impact within her industry.

I like to think of myself as both a social innovator and a designer. It’s been really great to explore what design means to me.

A lot of the clients that we work with at Fearless tend to be federal agencies doing custom software development. Personally, I do a lot of work in the public sector, working with different organizations to improve the lives of citizens through technology. We use human-centered design, putting people at the heart of problem-solving to truly understand the experience of using a service or software. My job is to get out into the community and speak to different stakeholders to discover how we can develop a product that they are happy to use on a daily basis.

Allow yourself to fit into more than one box.

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