Leopoldo Doadrio
Area Director, Professor of Cost Accounting

Regarded as every business’ financial compass, cost accounting represents a crucial procedure of a company’s internal management process, as it allows entrepreneurs to determine how a company is managing its capital, as well as its earnings and losses. To achieve a precise internal control, cost accounting must be put at the forefront of any accounting strategy, while also focusing on merchandising and service sectors, sustainability, and innovation.

Rui Jose Oliveira Vieira
Coordinator and Professor of Cost Accounting

A cost accounting system collects and classifies costs and assigns them to cost objects. The goal of a cost accounting system is to measure the cost of designing, developing, producing (or purchasing), selling, distributing, and servicing particular products or services. This course aims to give you a critical overview of cost accounting systems as practices by which organizations plan and control their activities in societies, and the profits generated through these activities.