Leopoldo Doadrio


Leopoldo Doadrio has taught financial accounting at IE Business School for some twenty years. Up to 2002, he combined his teaching with his position as senior account manager in Fortis Bank. This double facet, which he looks back on as a particularly positive experience, provided the ideal combination of an opportunity to apply accounting language to the world of business and vice versa. He had already had plenty of practice as…

Rui Jose Oliveira Vieira

Rui Vieira is an Assistant Professor in Management Control and Accounting. He holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Business Studies from the University of Warwick, United Kingdom. He has been engaged in research and teaching activities in various other schools such as Amsterdam Business School (The Netherlands), Nordakademie (Germany), Nanyang Business School (Singapore), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, ISCTE, and Universidade Lusíada (all three in Portugal), as well as University of Warwick…

Jorge Merladet Artiach


Jorge Merladet is an adjunct professor of Finance and Accounting at IE University and strategic advisor to the board of private companies. Following a successful career in the financial markets, he was appointed CEO of a medical company. During his tenure, the company grew multiplying its revenues by four, closing acquisitions in the United Kingdom and Italy, raising two rounds of private equity, and finally going public in an IPO which

Paolo Giancane

Paolo Giancane, CFA, is a serial angel investor in disruptive sectors and former partner for Mount Flag Capital, a Hong Kong-based merchant bank active in cross-border M&A and private equity investing.
Paolo has been exposed to the Chinese market since 2005 and has participated in several equity financings on behalf of Chinese clients and advised European clients in prospective investments in China as well as divestitures of European assets to Chinese…

Carmen Allo Pérez

Carmen Allo has spent all her professional life in Corporate and Investment Banking in Madrid as a senior banker. She started her career in Citibank (back in 1.987) where she stayed 6 years followed by 6 years at Banco Central Hispano and 2 more once the merge with Banco Santander took place mostly dealing with Ibex 35 corporates. After having spent almost 15 years in largest American and Spanish banks, Carmen…

Ignacio Grimá


Professor Ignacio Grimá holds a double bachelor’s in business administration & Law from ICADE. He currently works as Managing Partner at Grupo Arcadia and Managing Founder at Consilia Educational Solutions. In the past he has combined the roles of Head of Strategy and Finance at different financial institutions (Banco Sabadell-Gallego, Corporate & Investment Banking at BBVA, etc) and as strategy consultant at Monitor Deloitte. Since 2010 he complements his managerial position…

Jorge Colvin Díez

PhD in Business Administration at University Nebrija. Diploma in Management Development Program (PDD) at IESE (University of Navarra). Master in Finance at IEB (Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles). In his academic side, he works as a Professor in Finance and Accounting at the American Schiller International University (SIU), EAE Business School, University of Francisco Vitoria, University of Nebrija, University of CEU and visiting professor for TEC Monterrey. In his role as a…